Dior building in protest colours

Since a couple of weeks and in line with their winter collection, the Dior flagship building on Avenue Montaigne is coloured with a number of protest messages. “Non, non … et non”, “Youthquake”, “Women Empowerment”, “Human Rights”, “Mini skirts forever”… Some kind of reference to the 50 years since 1968 and obviously also in line with the MeToo movement. For the first time, a lady, Maria Grazia Chiuri, is in charge of the Dior collections (since 2016).

We find the same messages, more or less in line with the collection, in the show windows.


Maria Russell said...

To me, this post is inspirational, Peter.
More than any other time, today I woke up needing a small dose of your Paris.
While looking at the photos and reading the narrative, all of a sudden, I remembered a favorite book of my youth. Every time I've read it, it left me with a huge sense of well-being!
The moral of the book: we try to come from a place of gratitude every day...no matter what happens...


😊Thank you😊

Rosie said...

The revolution starts here ?!
Salut et merci for thé post Peter

Jeanie said...

That's really spectacular, Peter. And good for them!

Studio at the Farm said...

I love the sentiments Dior is expressing!!! Wonderful post, Peter - thank you.