Greenhouses - Jardin des Plantes

When I recently visited the « Jardin des Plantes » to have a look on the newly renovated « Gloriette de Buffon », see preceding post, I also decided, for the first time, to visit the greenhouses – the temperature and the humidity that August day was about the same in- as outside.

The squarer and higher ones were built 1834-36, the architect was Charles Rouault de Fleury (1801-75). The use of steel and glass was of course quite innovative and it may be interesting to notice that these buildings are about 20 years older than the famous Baltard pavilions.

The lower, rounder, pavilions were added about 100 years later (1934-37, architect René-Félix Berger, 1878-1954). All the pavilions were renovated during the years 2005-10.

I’m not going to try to describe which plants you may see, just too many to be mentioned in a “normal” post.  Here are just a few examples of what it all looks like inside.

There are of course a few thousands of plants and species to be found also outside in the park. Here are just two examples.


Bob Alescio said...

When I visited the Jardin des Plantes, I couldn't figure out how to buy the ticket to enter the newer greenhouse, the Grandes Serres. (My poor French being of no use.) I had to content myself with exterior photos of this beautiful structure.

Honest Abe Lincoln said...

I admire your greenhouse photographs, Peter. We used to have one here in our town, but it closed down. Now, our flower shop has any kind of flower you might want and they get them from an area-wide distributor. People spend about $30 to $40 dollars for a small vase with cut flowers inside for birthdays and similar events.

Honest Abe Lincoln said...


I don't get around much anymore. Just happened to see your address on another blog.

Maria Russell said...

That tropical exuberance captured by your camera is enchanting!
Thank you, Peter.