A concert

I spent last Saturday afternoon attending a rehearsal by some friends, who the following day were giving a concert at the “Parc Floral” in the “Bois de Vincennes”. They are three friends who met in Budapest some two years ago and play together under the name of “L’air du temps”: Marine Park (piano), living in Paris but born in Korea, Siem Huijsman (cello), living close to Amsterdam and Fréderic Planchon (violin), living in Lyon. After the rehearsal, we made a short walk and ended up in my little garden with some champagne.

The following day, last Sunday, I went to the “Parc Floral” quite early in the morning, passed in front of the Vincennes Castle and found the garden with a lot of geese, some waterlilies…

… and the pavilion, “la scène amateurs”, where the concert was to be given at noon, of course with the friends again rehearsing. This is part of a musical program under the name “Classique au vert”, sponsored by the City of Paris and which offers concerts all weekends between August 11 and September 2 (see here). It gives – also - opportunities for very qualified “amateurs” to perform.

So, at noon, we were a few dozens who had the pleasure to listen to our friends. They played very successfully (ovation by the end) works by Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and Mendelssohn (with Schubert as a “bis”).

Please double-click for a little extract... (Schubert)

I have already posted about the “Bois de Vincennes” here, here and here, about the “Parc Floral” here, about the Vincennes Castle here


MadAboutParis said...

Lovely...merci Peter!

SIemHuijsman said...

bonjour Peter,

merci pour cet blog! Très joli de trouver notre
histoire de le week-end dernier!
A bientôt,


Maria Russell said...

So lovely to listen to that little clip!
Je me régale les tympans...

lyliane six said...

Belle musique calme et reposante, merci à ce trio, au parc floral de Vincennes la saison des dahlias doit commencer ?

Jeanie said...

Ahhh. Schubert. I wish we could find something like that when we visit Paris briefly in October (5-6-7). A short trip but a concert like that would be a real find!

Lorraine Slattery said...

My daughter and I will be visiting Paris from the U.S. from 5-12 Oct. We both adore Paris and are so happy to return. Our hotel is the closest to the Louvre and Tuilerie Gardens, than we have ever stayed. Do you recommend the Paris Pass or wait to get the musee carne and metro carnee at the airport? Love your posts. Merci, Lorraine and Frances Slattery