An amphitheatre

Some six years ago, I wrote about the Paris Faculty of Medicine (see here) and I showed some views of the outside of the previous, 15th century, faculty and its amphitheatre from 1744 - according to what you can read from the inscription over the entrance door, but officially opened in 1745. I didn’t manage to get in then, but... The other day I could get in! The place, now privately owned - and under renovation – was temporarily open for some kind of furniture exhibition (10 € to get in).

The old building, adjacent to the amphitheatre, was full of contemporary, very exclusive furniture.  

I tried to get some views of the construction itself and of course especially of the amphitheatre (see also top picture), which is actually named after an anatomist, who was the first to put it to use. His name was J-B Winslow (1669-1760), born in Denmark, but of Swedish origin. The family took their name from the little Swedish locality “Vinslöv” (today 4.000 inhabitants).


Bob Alescio said...

What a perfect little gem. Thanks for taking us inside.

Maria Russell said...

You tell us in a former post about an opportunity to visit the “Ecole de Médecine” accompanied by a retired medical doctor and a chief librarian. In some countries, retired medical doctors are still such blessings to have around. When a case looks really bad, they're still allowed to be called for consultation by their former students, no matter how competent the younger ones might be. And their diagnosis, almost always, so spot on.

I liked this post very much. Beautiful place and beautiful photos!
Thank you, Peter.