Fragonard... not the painter

There is a Fragonard Museum in Paris. It has actually nothing to do with the painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806) - nor with his wife or sons, also excellent artists - except that Eugène Fuchs, who in 1926 founded the “Fragonard Perfume” company in Grasse in the south of France, the “capital of perfume”, was an admirer of the painter, who was born in Grasse. “Fragonard” has thus production in Grasse, but also in the village of Eze (see previous post), still on the French Riviera. In Paris, they have rather recently opened this new shop and especially (new) museum in what used to be a well-known furniture shop – and before that even a theatre, a velodrome… I wrote about the – pedestrian - street where you can find it in a previous post.

I made a museum visit, guided by an excellent young lady. What can I say more? It’s free of charge, shopping is not compulsory, the place is beautiful, you learn about perfume making … and at the end they even let you mix your own little perfume.


Maria Russell said...

First of all, that photo of the young lady: writing poetry again with your camera, Peter?
I had never heard of that museum before and only knew of one Fragonard boutique, the one that's close to Brasserie Lipp and Ralph Lauren's flagship.
Loyally, I wore their fragrance Fleur d'oranger for years...until I decided to cheat...and go for Lune de Miel...

Thank you!

Overture of "La Vie Parisienne", an opéra bouffe, or operetta, composed by Jacques Offenbach:


claude said...

Certainement une visite intéressante.