Berthe Weill... again

Berthe Weill, honoured again, and once more thanks to my friend Marianne Le Morvan, and of course also thanks to the initiative to create a new little garden, adjacent to the Picasso Museum. People were asked to choose which name to give to this garden… and the choice was Berthe Weill. I don’t think anybody would have thought of her if it wasn’t for Marianne Le Morvan, who has made it a task to honour this lady, the gallerist who was the first to sell a Picasso in Paris, the first to sell a Matisse, who was the friend of tens and tens of artists, who was the only one to organise a Modigliani solo exhibition during his lifetime… and who never got rich. On the top picture we can see the portrait Picasso made of Berthe, a cartoon where she is in the centre of a group of painters - Chagall, Derain, Léger, Braque, Picasso… and the front page of Marianne’s book, which you can still buy here. You can also get an idea of who Berthe was by looking at my post from 2015, here.  
The inauguration of the little garden took place March 18, in the presence of the Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo. We can see Mme Hidalgo here accompanied by the Mayor of the 3rd arrondissement, Pierre Aidenbaum.

… and here we can see Marianne in discussion…

… and at last some views of the newly created little Berthe Weill Garden.


Anonymous said...

So impressed with the dedication and talents of your friend, Peter! Thanks to her everything about that little garden was made possible. Eternal kudos to the lovely Marianne Le Morvan! Great photo of her profile! Love her perfect nose!

Why was Amedeo Modigliani's life so tragic?
The times I've read something about him, I've been left very sad. He was the handsomest of all the artists of his time, with such a unique talent, and yet, I believe he did not sell even one painting during his life...

But, he did win the love of one of Russia's greatest poets. Fifty years after the death of her beloved, she could finally publish a book of poetry dedicated to him. Her name: Anna Akhmatova.


Painting of Anna Akhmatova - Amedeo Modigliani's great love - by Olga Kardovskaya, 1914

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Here's the correct link:


Thank you, Peter.

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