There is a pedestrian street, a passageway, close to the Madeleine Church, referred to as «Le Village Royal» (probably because that on one side it opens toward the Rue Royale), but the official name is actually “Cité Berryer”.

A lot of efforts are often deployed to have this place decorated in a spectacular way, especially around Christmas… Right now there is some kind of umbrella show. This umbrella idea seems to have started in the little town Agueda in Portugal, where during the summer months you can hide from the sometimes too strong sunshine… The idea has spread to many places around the world … and now it’s the turn of “Le Village Royal”.  

There have been some commercial traditions here since the middle of the 18th century, first under the name “Marché Aguesseau”, later “Cité Berryer”, but today this is not the place to buy your meat, cheese or vegetables anymore, it’s more of a place for fashion … and maybe a drink.  

Right now you can also find some sculptures by the Belgian artist Dirk De Keyser.


Bob Alescio said...

I love these passages - the shops are so unique. Keep the Starbucks out!
I shall be in Paris in May to make sure.)) Might look up Peter - buy him lunch.

Jeanie said...

If I could see this in person I would be one of the happiest women in the world!

Anonymous said...

I know a shop where their ice cream has those colors.
As usual, your photos have such power...they make the eyes happy!
Thank you, Peter.

Unknown said...

I so hope that this is still here this weekend! I arrive Friday with my 8 eighth graders in tow and it is close to our hotel!!
Merci, Peter. Comme toujours!