In November last year I wrote about the bad shape of the pavements on the lower part of the Champs-Elysées (see here). When I passed by a week or two later, I noticed that some repairs had taken place. Can this experience be renewed? I would like to report to the mayor of Paris that the pavements of “Cours-la-Reine” also are in a very bad shape!!

“Cours-la-Reine” was originally a garden promenade along the Seine River, created by Marie de Medicis during the early 17th century. Today you can walk between lines of chestnut trees and since some decades also admire a number of statues representing Simon Bolivar, Adam Mickiewicz, Lafayette… and also King Albert I of Belgium, who after WWI gave his name to part of the “Cours-la-Reine”, it became “Cours-Albert-Premier”.

We can compare between 1780 (when one had learnt to distinguish north and south on maps…) and today.

There is a paved lane close to the river. This is where more courageous people would walk if they decided to join “Place de la Concorde” and the “Eiffel Tower” on foot. I would say that this is one of the more prestigious Paris walks you could do… but shame on Paris again – have a look!

… and when were the benches last painted? Slats are even missing!   

I have, March 4, received this message from the Mayor's office:
Votre message relatif à l'état des cours la Reine et Albert dans le 8ème arrondissement a été transmis à la Direction de la voirie et des déplacements.
Le Cabinet de la Maire de Paris


Bob Alescio said...

Starting to look like my home town - Detroit.

Jeanie said...

It looks like Michigan potholes but on the sidewalk. That's a shame.

Anonymous said...

¡Esto es increíble! Que vergüenza!

claude said...

Un peu lamentable tout ça pour une ville comme Paris.
Au cours de nos récentes balades, on a constaté à cause de nombreux travaux que les trottoirs étaient presque impraticables, il fallait avoir les yeux en bas pour voir où on mettait les pieds.

Shammickite said...

I hope the Mayor of Paris is reading this.

Mystica said...

I think the mayor is reading your blog. He should.

joanna said...

when the mayor and the city take pride so will others? No!

Irja Viirret said...


Studio at the Farm said...

Good for you, Peter, for getting the mayor's office's attention!