The most beautiful avenue...

The Champs-Elysées - often referred to as the world’s most beautiful avenue. Maybe…, certainly among the most beautiful ones, obviously with some 100 million visitors per year.
Normally, most of my posts are trying to praise the beauty of Paris, but this time I must allow myself to come with some critics, something I have done very occasionally, e.g. here.

I took some photos from the lower, eastern parts, of the “Champs”, between the “Rond-Point” and “Place de la Concorde”. Here are some examples of what I found:

This “pergola”, some kind of shelter, originally built for a flower market at “Place de la République”, but rather immediately, in 1883, transferred to the Champs,* has been in this bad shape for years. How is this possible? Its “sister”, on the other side of the “Champs” is in good shape.

The pavements, visited by tens of thousands of tourists every day, are in very bad shape, and have been so for years. I saw examples of wheel-chairs and baby-buggies in difficulties…  

Where are the gardeners (doing such wonderful jobs elsewhere in Paris) and the “leaf-sweepers”? A tree should have been replanted…

Street lampions to be repaired (and a forgotten garbage bag).

When were these benches repainted last time?

The “Rond-Point” is surrounded by six fountains. They are supposed to be newly equipped (for the xth time). I saw an announcement about this maybe two years ago. The works seem to be ongoing, but obviously in a very slow pace – not a single “worker” the last times I have passed. When I see what they are supposed to look like, I have some doubts… too technical solutions very seldom work for a long time without important repairs… or abandon – many examples unfortunately to be found in Paris.

If this post could find its way to the mayor of Paris…
*/ I found detailed information about this here.
Addendum November 5:
Did Mrs Hidalgo read this post? Walking home tonight, I found that some urgent repairs had been done and also that some “leaf-sweepers” were present!


claude said...

Cela me rend triste Peter.
En Juillet 2017 j'ai vu la saleté près et sur le Champ de Mars.
On ne peut pas passer son temps à vouloir supprimer les voitures de la Capitale et tenir celle-ci clean pour le plaisir des Parisiens et des touriste.
Tu devrais envoyer le lien de ta publication à la Mairie de Paris.

Jeanie said...

Peter, you are right and wise to point out the parts that aren't so good in hopes that someone will take heed and do the right thing to repair. Paris is indeed a beautiful city and you capture that beauty all the time. But this part seems like a neglected little hole, for whatever reason.

Tell me they mayor's name and I'll write him a letter!

We're finally home. Lovely to see you on this trip. It was one of the highlights of my Paris stay! Thank you!

Bob Alescio said...

This is my favorite stretch of the avenue. Just because there are no fancy shops, the city should still have some pride. Come on, Paris!