Discrete address

This building housed the railway company “Compagnie du Chemin de Fer de Paris à Orléans” between 1864 and 1938, when the national railway company ”SNCF” took over. In 2011 another giant company took over, “Google”. This is now where you find the headquarters of “Google France”. Find… well, you have to know. Of course, it’s not a secret address, but you can’t read “Google” anywhere. The company keeps a very low profile, including, as we know, when it comes to tax-paying, but this is perhaps not the forum for this debate.

My personal little problem with “Google” and other giants is that when you have a problem, with e.g. a “Google” product like your (my) blog – Blogger / Blogspot – there is nobody from “Google” to help. No chance to reach anybody. There are “help forums” and similar sites to be found on the net, but advice is given there mostly only by other users, who in general are as “lost” as yourself.

The main entrance have doors with steel bars in “Google” colours, that’s the only indication of what hides behind. 

The entrance is surrounded by two wooden doors, one is for “artists”, “no guest allowed”. The other is officially for “visitors”. Well, I don’t know how to be invited… and have no need for it, but when my now ten year old blog disappeared for a while (before coming back without any explanation a few days later), or when the “Google+” feature, badly functioning and now abandoned by “Google”, made it impossible for me to work with my blog… I would have liked to talk to someone… Apart from that, I’m a happy blogger. (Thanks “Google”!)


rosienanjirowe said...

hi peter, yes i hate those forums...endless circles.. thanks for the post

Bob Alescio said...

Beyond a certain size company, communication is (intentionally?) near impossible. All you may be left with is a forum where information can seem dubious.

Maria Russell said...

Would that facade be a match for the supreme imagination of the unforgettable and incomparable Stanley Kubrick?
¡Fotos fabulosas!
Mil gracias Peter.

Shammickite said...

Google works in mysterious ways......

Studio at the Farm said...

Interesting that google has a large office there. I am not a fan of mega-corporations either, Peter.