I took a walk in the direction of the Eiffel Tower…

Closed? (See top picture.) No, but more difficult to access. The works are still ongoing, but the Tour Eiffel is now surrounded by an anti-intrusion wall - partly steel, partly bullet-proof glass. An estimated cost of 20 million € (23 million US$).

For the moment you can get into the area just after a security control, but it has been said that in the future you may need a pre-purchased ticket to the Tower in order to get in. The system also checks that you leave the area.

Sad, this evolution – at least in my mind. Maybe, and unfortunately, needed (?), but sad.

OK, the weather was cold the day I went, but the sky was blue… and the space under the Tower seemed so empty compared to “before”.

The enclosed area is not only just under the Tower, but includes also part of the “park”.

One thing which surprised me: A “boutique officielle” which sold items which in my mind look very much the same that you will easily find outside the area - and sold more unofficially. 

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Jeanie said...

I have visions of the street (and I mean the blanket-in-the-street) vendors buying up every loose, lost Eiffel Tower and reselling it!

Our views of the tower this trip were more distant -- but beautiful no matter where one is!

Maria Russell said...

Impressive (and worrying) the way they fenced that monument! And at this time of the year, of all times? There must be a good reason for it?
Sad indeed!
Thank you, Peter

Shammickite said...

I suppose security is necessary in these days of terrorism and hate, but it makes me so sad. Life is changing for us all. Where will it end?

Shandara said...

Wow I didnt know about that fence. I don't really like it, we used to get under the tower for pictures... sad time it is.