A colourful street

I have already taken some odd pictures from this street, Rue de Retrait, in the 20th arrondissement, but since then, the street has become even more colourful. We can find a lot of street art. Street art is of course often quite short-lived, but in this street I have a feeling that it’s becoming more and more permanent and also much richer. 

You reach the street from half the way up Rue Ménilmontant… and even without reaching the top, you have already a wonderful view of Paris. Immediately on the corner of Rue de Retrait, you are met by some nice illustrations (and you may recognize Magritte and Kahlo).

The all over Paris present street artists Mosko and Mesnager are richly represented.

More and more of the buildings have got important permanent mural decorations.

This goes also for these two buildings, the one to the left is a school, the one to the right a theatre, Théâtre Ménilmontant, unfortunately closed since a couple of months, for “security reasons”.

Even the street furniture is unusually colourful here.  You may wish to know that Maurice Chevalier was born here in 1888, approximately where I put his picture - the building is gone.

A little side street, Rue Laurence-Savart, has been immortalized, in 1948, by the famous photographer Willy Ronis… 

... and he also photographed a little girl in the little side alley (behind a closed gate, but with a bit of luck…).


Craig said...

Love it. Thank you so much.

Linda said...

Now on my list for my next visit.

Anonymous said...

By the way you tell us about this wonderful area of Paris...it makes me want to be there right now...
All of those paintings!! I see that you even found some bunnies.
Thank you, Peter.

claude said...

J'aime bien là où il y a des fleurs.

Shammickite said...

Beautiful. I totally agree with street art!

Cergie said...

Mais c'est par chez moi ça !
Qchose m'interpelle, ce n'est pas rue DE Retrait mais rue DU Retrait