An ecological little garden

I already posted about the “White Coats” – “Blancs Manteaux” in French. I’m not going to repeat what I already wrote here and here, just say that this refers to some monks, dressed in white. They also gave the name to a street, rue des Blanc-Manteaux. We are in the Marais area - at one end of the street you can see the covered market building which also bears the “Blanc-Manteaux”-name and, at the other end, the “Centre Pompidou” (see posts here) is more or less visible.

We can see the open space, the little garden and playground, where once the monastery used to stand. The 17th century church is still there.

There are a number of shops, galleries and even a quite well-known little theatre along the street.

The street crosses another street, rue des Archives, and you can see an example of the “LGBT” coloured pedestrian crossings which are quite common in the Marais area.

There is an old school building – you can read 1842 on the front. During the weekends the doors are open and you can get through to the other side…

… and find a garden. It’s a very special garden – it’s taken care of by an association, “Les Acteurs du Paris Durable”, in a very ecological way.

We can see a good ecological example with a lady, living in the area, bringing in what is left when she has peeled her potatoes and carrots. One day it will be fertile earth.   


claude said...

Quelle charmante balade ! Merci Peter !

Jeanie said...

My friend Jerry used to live in the Marais a few doors down from the Jewish Museum. I wish we'd found this spot while he was there!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the members of “Les Acteurs du Paris Durable". I love what they do. I also love your post, Peter.
All the roses I've seen in France seem so perfect. Finicky beautiful things that they are, they don't behave that well in sub tropical places...

Thank you.