« Heureusement que vous étiez là » - Fortunately you were there. This is what you could read on the Eiffel Tower last night. A tribute was given by the City of Paris to everybody who has participated in making the confinement period successful. This Sunday was the last day before a period of relative relief begins. Let’s see what will happen… we must remain very careful! This means also that we were asked not to go there and look. I took the liberty of doing so, anyhow, only five minutes walk. 

The idea was of course to say “thanks”. We have all been applauding every evening at 8. I think that we have all realized that the thanks go not only to doctors, nurses and hospital personnel in general, but also to delivery men and women, to garbage collectors, to security forces, to cashiers, to postmen and women, to retirement home personnel, to teachers…  We may hope that what has happened the last couple of weeks will lead to increased respect for many work categories. 


Mystica said...

We are into an easing of curfew here as well. Today private and public sector employees return to work on a roster scheme. Only 25 percent of them. Also specific times for travelling. Public sector at one time, private sector at one time. The general public cannot go out unless on an Identity Card linked scheme. My day is Wednesday but I do not intend going anywhere. It seemed to flatten the curve so I am hopeful that with this relaxation there will be no second spike.

claude said...

Bel hommage !
Espérons que les gens se déconfinent intelligemment.

MadAboutParis said...

Merci Peter!
So glad that you "took the liberty" for your adoring fans!
Stay Safe svp.

Jeanie said...

Our Stay Home is extended to May 28 but parts of the city are opening up. I'm glad you took the walk, too. (Well within your zone, I think!) The photos are lovely.

Please stay well and take care.

Shammickite said...

Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all those workers who have made life in quarantine easier. I am so glad to see that you are staying safe and the Paris and France is able to open up just a little bit.
Here in Ontario, Canada, the restrictions are easing a little, but we have a long way to go before we get back to "normal".
Stay safe!