Too late...

There was a meeting of the Union of the Mediterranean countries held in the Grand Palais in Paris last Sunday. During the National Holiday festivities Monday (July 14) the UN Secretary-General, some 40 national leaders and foreign ministers watched the traditional military parade. I was too late. The stand was empty. I could just see some nice colours on the pavement which had helped the parading troops to take the right direction, some cables, some equipment... ... and I was not invited to the cocktail party at the Elysée Palace. I could just notice that the guests obviously were well treated. The supply of food and drinks seems to have been taken care of.

... and, I'm sorry, but I did not bring any pictures from the free concert for some 700 thousand people (James Blunt - who even performed in French - and number of French artists) and the fireworks around the Eiffel Tower; you already saw some pictures of the Tower a couple of days ago.


Shionge said...

Ohhh.....we are all 'late' too ;( You mean my fav singer James Blunt was there too?? ;'(

Never mind, I'm glad you share some of the photos Peter ;)

Olivier said...

sur ta première photo, on dirait que l'obelix de la concorde va s'envoler, le grand frère de Batmann.
Une année, j'avais fait l'inverse, j'avais pris des photos avant, avec des drapeaux français partout.

Chuckeroon said...

I give this 10/10, Peter. an outstanding exposition of your great day at the conference.

;-) and....you survived it.

Alain said...

La place de la Concorde comme on ne la voit pas souvent.

Olivier said...

en reponse a ta remarque sur le nombre de photos chez notre miss cergie :

Normalement si tu es un DP, tu ne dois mettre qu'une photo par jour. je sais, comme bcp de monde je ne respecte pas cette regle, mais elle existe dans le contrat pour etre DP (ça , ecrire en Anglais (je rigole aussi vu mon Anglais) , et poster au moins 5 jours par semaine (hors vacances quand même) )

Anonymous said...

Oh, too bad, but sometimes your timing is perfect and you get into places no one else does. One of these days, Mr. President will invite you in.

PeterParis said...

Yes, he was there!

Tu te lèves plus de bonne heure que moi!

10/10!! Wow!

PeterParis said...

En effet!

Voilà pourquoi je ne suis pas un DP!

I doubt!