Jardin des Plantes - menagerie

As I mentioned in the previous post about the “Jardin des Plantes”, you can within the botanical garden also find a zoo, certainly not the biggest in the world, but one of the first (beaten by Schönbrunn, Vienna). A great advantage is that it’s in the middle of the city. It dates from 1794-95 (revolutionary years) and has been open to public since. At the start it was to a great part inhabited by animals transferred from the Royal Menagerie at Versailles.

Due to limited space and the impossibility to offer the conditions we today wish to allow animals in captivity, this is not where you will find a large number of bigger wild beasts anymore, but what it offers is quite interesting. More than a thousand types of animals can be seen. The reptiles are well represented, including some giant, more than hundred years old, tortoises.

Anyhow, granddaughter Paloma was impressed and preceded most of the time her aunt, my daughter Stéphanie, by a few steps.

... and we were all impressed by mother orang-outang who rose from her siesta to be photographed and even offered a modest smile.

(Several of these photos were taken by my daughter and her boyfriend.)


Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Peter!
Congratulations for this “joy” Sunday post!At least in Brazil is still Sunday ( 19:40 )!:-))

Paloma is so lovely and happy in these shots! Your daughter is very nice as well!
Glad to see they had a wonderful time in this Zoo.
I’m really impressed with the orang-outang mother I have never seen it in my life!
My favorite picture is the beautiful turtle! I love turtles!
Kind Regards

Karen said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time at the zoo. Especially Paloma. Nice that the Oragutan posed and smiled for the camera.
I like zoos but don't like to see the animals caged, although I guess the reptiles don't mind too much.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very impressive pictures! Reminded me of my trip to the Zoological Park, here in Pune a few weeks ago!

And, Paloma looks wonderful! She is such an adorable little girl!

Olivier said...

c'est un endroit très agréable pour se promener. ta première photo est saisissante, la journée doit-être longue pour cet ourang-outang.

SusuPetal said...

Well, this was news for me, didn't know there is a zoo!

You seem to have been enjoying a nice day!

alice said...

Rien que pour le regard et le plaisir de Paloma alors. Parce que sinon, l'orang-outang dans son bocal, je pleure...

Catherine said...

Certainement, la promenade préférée de mon fils. Ce jardin animalier n'a pas changé depuis mon enfance, il a un petit côté désuet avec ses batiments anciens.
En attendant la réouverture du zoo de Vincennes ....

Adam said...

Ah, very nice. I was here with my son not too long ago as well. The Orang Outang is very impressive, even more so when we think that she is 40 years old!

Where's the sloth though? He's my favourite, simply because he never does anything, even when the zookeeper comes and brings him his plate of fruit and vegetables!

Cergie said...

Je ne me souviens plus à quel moment, il y a eu la famine et les animaux ont tous été boulottés.
Les chimpanzés (les orangs outangs aussi sans doute) ont presque le même caryotype que nous. Dommage qu'ils n'aient pas la parole. Et qu'ils soient menacés d'extinction dans leur biotope.
Le wapiti me fait penser à Vincent Delerm. As tu vu le vautour ?

hpy said...

Mais pourquoi as-tu mis mon portrait en premier et en dernier?
Celles de Paloma, par contre, sont chouettes.

Matritensis said...

The orang-outang seems sad, i don´t like apes, they make me sad feelings.

Beautiful pics and pretty family

Virginia said...

When I read that there was a zoo here, I never dreamed it was so extensive. Davis and Eva will love this. I cansee that Paloma had a grand time! She looks very much like your beautiful daughter!

Squirrel said...

fabulous photos of the buildings and animals -- really amazing animal shots, but the shots of the little girls melted my heart-- the girl who brought her toy lion cub to the zoo... sweeet....

lasiate said...

je préfère les voir dans leur environnement mais peut être sont ils intéressés par la vision de tous ces humains qui s'agitent autour d'eux

mum said...

Très impressionnante madame Orang-outang.. la pauvre elle a un regard tout triste... rien ne vaut la liberté !

GMG said...

Ah, les ourang goutangs... Il y en avait un vraiment orange au Zoo de Lisbonne; il faisait mes délices quand j'y allais avec mes parents... Maintenant il faut aller à Borneo... ;))
Tu n'as pas remarqué, mais il y a aussi un petit cadeau pour toi à Blogtrotter... ;)

yoko said...

This zoo is more than 200 years old.

I like these innocent animals.
They makes us (human nature) calm and healing.

Your grand daughter, Paloma is 5 or 6 years? She looks so curious opening big eyes to see the creatures. It is a good shot.

Yoko from NYC

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Peter, I enjoy the little "experiences" you present. This zoo's intimate setting would suit me better than one on a grand scale, as it seems an incidental delight along the way...
And the modest "Mona Lisa" smile on mother orangutan is a perfect complement to the modest size of the exhibit.

Rajesh said...

For a small zoo, that is lot of animals.

Eddy said...

Certainement l'endroit du centre de Paris préféré de mon fils cadet, (c'est un passionné d'animaux).
merci pour cette balade.

Mona said...

Awwww...how sweet are all those lovely animals.

And Paloma sure does look super excited!

Lovey snapshots Peter! :)

Neva said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful....as is your daughter....I LOVE the orangutan....nice of her to pose for you!!!!

Starman said...

We must have walked through the Jardin des Plantes at least a hundred times and never knew there was a zoo there. Thanks for the info.

Azer Mantessa said...

the zoo ... an educational place to be ... glad i'm not among those exhibited ... not yet :-)

nice pics :-)

claude said...

Je suis comme Paloma, très contente d'avoir vu tous ces animaux. Cela me rappelle nos visites au zoo de Vincennes, quand j'étais môme.
Ici, il y a le zeeo de la Flècue qui est très intéressant. Son fondateur vient de décéder d'ailleur.

JM said...

Gorgeous animal shots! The lady orang-outang pose on the 1st shot is fantastic! :-)

By the way, 'estar de molho' (being in a sauce) means being ill in bed; it's a very common expression you use when you stay at home for not feeling well.

Shammickite said...

Wonderful pictures of both the animals and Paloma! I love the first photo.... such an expression on her face! I can hardly wait until grandson Callum is old enough to appreciate going to the zoo. We have a large zoo here in Toronto. I've been many times, but it's so much more fun going to the zoo with a young person!

Marie Reed said...

I haven't been to the Jardin des Plantes in ages! Wonderful! You're granddaughter is as cute as a button:) My goodness Madame Orangutan need a bra!

Shionge said...

Usually when we travelled to a country, the zoo would not be on the list but this is a wonderful trip today :D

Bergson said...

je vois que tu as trouvé une copine ;-)

ALAIN said...

Je réagis sur ta première photos et je pense que les grands singes sont si proches de nous que l'on peut se demander si on a le droit de les mettre en cage.

Peter said...

Almost always the first ... and always with so nice comments! :-)

Yes you can really wonder what the animals may think, what they are able to think... Anyhow, most of the small cages are gone or most of the wilder animals are gone! :-)

Paloma is quite nice, I agree! :-)

Peter said...

... et il parait qu'elle est là depuis 40 ans! Pauvre femme!

When are you coming back to Paris? I have a lot to show you! :-)

Je crois que Paloma aussi avait un peu de peine pour certains animaux! :-)

Peter said...

C'est vrai que le vrai grand zoo nous manque! :-)

We saw the sloth, but the photos are not good!

1871! On a tout mangé parait-il!

On a vu beaucoup de vautours, mais les photos ne sont pas réussies!

Peter said...

C'était ton anniversaire, non? :-)

Especially when the monkeys are confined to small areas. Thes can go outside also, but even so...

I think they have also the same characters, or very similar! :-)

Peter said...

The little girl had just recieved it a couple of days ago! This was the only lion in the zoo!

En effet, on se demande ce qu'ils pensent! :-)

En effet! On peut seulement espérer qu'il sont bien traités! :-)

Peter said...

Merci; maintenant j'ai vu le cadeau! :-)

Nice to find you here! She's 6.:-)

Thanks! One advantage is that you can visit it all in a few hours; you don't always have a whole day! :-)

Peter said...

A lot of smaller animals especially!

Par hasard, comme pour le fils de Catherine! :-)

There are some of the reptiles that I would consider as less "lovely"! :-)

Peter said...

... and she did it spontaneously, but slowly! :-)

So next time you know! :-)

All waiting for you! :-)

Peter said...

Pour un centre ville, celui n'est déjà pas mal! :-)

Thanks! I definitely have to improve my portugese! :-)

I think I have been to zoos only as a kid or accompanying my kids or grandkids! :-)

Peter said...

Marie Reed:
A very special bra also to take care of her falling cheek! :-)

Sale for me, but I live here and have grandchildren! :-)

Enfin! :-)

Peter said...

En effet!

Ruth said...

Oh the Orangutang mama is incredible, what a treasure!

I think Paloma is growing older very nicely. She was clearly excited too, on a nice spring day out with Grandpa and Mama.

Peter said...

Thanks Ruth! Jus one small correction; the mom was not present. The young lady is her aunt, my daughter.

Mélisse said...

Evidemment j'ai préféré les fauves, souvenirs personnels sans doute, le jardin des plantes est tout de même l'endroit où j'ai caressé un léopard des neiges, un souvenir inoubliable !

ParisBreakfasts said...

A wonderful post!! How did I miss this? Just like being there..

Peter said...

... et tu as toujours tous doigts? :-)

I have a feeling that you have been "everywhere" and seen "everything"! Anyhow, you will soon be back! :-)

Cuckoo said...

Wow !! First time I am able to see photo of a lady orang-outang. And those scary snakes !!

Paloma has sure enjoyed the zoo but we can see you too have enjoyed it !

One suggestion (request actually) here, Peter.
Do you use photoshop or any other tool to combine or do something to photos ? Could you please try to save it as slightly lower quality or reduce the size of photos ?
It takes time to download your page.

You had asked me to give you some suggestions. This is one. :-)

Anonymous said...

peter-pho2.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.