Extra post - collage ... and more

I’m doing collages all the time, but yesterday, a very dear friend, also a blogger friend, HPY, tagged me and some others for a special collage challenge, so I decided to make a small extra post with just one collage.

This is my granddaughter Paloma (six now); photos from last week when we shared something to drink at a café. She was obviously amused!
This could also serve as a special tribute to Paloma’s dad, who is celebrating his birthday today!

I had another very nice surprise yesterday! "SparklingMirror", actually David, a ceramicist, living in Rochester NY, made a post referring to my blog. It's so flattering that I almost blushed! I will revert further to "SparklingMirror" in the near future, as I expect a contribution to next month's mid-month theme, Subways.

(I posted “normally” yesterday and will do so again tomorrow.)


Cezar and Léia said...

She is soooo beautiful!
Lovely composition!
Happy birthday to her pop!

Many thanks for sharing such an amazing happy moment!
Kind Regards

Blind Fly Theater said...

I absolutely love your collages and, as usual, this one captures the personality of your subject beautifully.
Also, it was my pleasure (and duty) to sign a tribute... you obviously put lots of time and energy into this, which is a valuable gift to your followers.
Thank you,

Azer Mantessa said...

Happy birthday to 'The Man'
Ever since Paloma's life began
Tell her when she has been bad :-)
It's hard, but that's being a dad :-)

Olivier said...

superbe montage, qui donne envie de rire avec elle ;o)) j'adore cette joie de vivre

Catherine said...

Tu as saisi toute la fraîcheur de Paloma !
Un puzzle d'éclats de rire, ça fait plaisir à recevoir.

Bettina said...

I too love ALL your collages, but this one is so sweet.
She is so cute and it really shows what a wonderful time you two had together.

claude said...

Magnifique Peter ! Elle respire la joie de vivre Paloma. Quand on a six c'est amusant de boire un verre à la terrasse d'un café avec Papy Peter!!!

claude said...

J'ai oublié l'autre suj.
Ton blog sur Paris respire l'amour que tu as pour cette ville et c'est normal que l'on en parle sur d'autre blogs. Félicitations mais c'est amplement mérité.

Vamsee Modugula said...

You have such a beautiful grandchild....and such fabulous shots of her smiling face.

Your blog is very colorful. I like it.

hpy said...

I won't reiterate with the song you heard some days ago, but I nevertheless wish a happy birthday to P. (Not Paloma, who's "horribly" cute in seven versions on your collage.)
And thanks for your participation. I appreciate! I really do.
Have a nice Thursday. Bis morgen!

rauf said...

oh you have captured her best of moods Peter. i remember a Geroge Baker selection song 'una Paloma Blanca'

Its a delightful collage Peter. Your grand daughter is simply beautiful.

Delphinium said...

heureusement que les petits enfants rient! Les adultes devraient en prendre de la graine. Comment s'appelle le nounours? :-)

Cuckoo said...

Oh Paloma !!! You know I have special mention of her always.

You have captured beautiful Paloma in her best moods.... shy, embarrassing,laughing, happy, amusing and all.

Peter, pls ask her whether she can fly like me ? :-)

EMNM said...

Very pretty Paloma and you looks a very proud grandfather, no wonder!

Jilly said...

Superb! What fun, what joy she is having. You've really captured her happiness - what a record for her one day. And Happy Birthday to Paloma's Papa today.

Many congrats, Peter, on the wonderful tribute to your blog. So very well deserved - and more. I love the way Sparkling Mirror has showed us all the parts of your blog he loves so much.

alice said...

Elle est ravissante! Et comme elle t'aime et se sent bien en ta compagnie, on le devine à travers ces photos, sa confiance et son naturel...Ce collage est un très joli cadeau pour son papa. Que de gâteaux d'anniversaire chez vous ces derniers jours!
(j'aimerais bien savoir comment tu réalises ces collages où les photos se "fondent" les unes dans les autres, moi aussi j'en dois un à notre chère Hélène ;-)

Thérèse said...

Amour au naturel!

Mo said...

She's adorable. Hope this one is going on her wall at home.

Karen said...

Wonderful photos of an adorable subject. Happy Birthday to your son. Nice that you have birthdays so close. Do you celebrate together? :=]

SusuPetal said...

Paloma looks so happy!

Happy birthday to her dad!

mum said...

Belle comme une colombe... un prénom qui lui va a ravir.
Félicitations pour cette magnifique présentation tout en joie de vivre !

Eddy said...

Quoi de mieux qu'un sourire d'enfant... Superbe collage de ta petite fille :0)
Je suppose que c'était pour ton anniversiare Peter ?
Alors bon anniversaire Peter et à bientôt à Paris (après ton escapade à Menton).

lyliane six said...

Je souhaite aussi un bon anniversaire à Paloma, mais tu as d'autres voeux d'anniversaire à venir prendre sur mon blog, ils t'attendent.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Paloma's dad and I had a look at the Sparkling Mirror post and left a comment there. I like your post today, Peter.

PeterParis said...

Almost always the first! Thanks! I appreciate! :-)

I appreciate a lot your kind comments and of course the very flattering post you have made! :-)

The poet! :-)

PeterParis said...

Oui, son rire est assez irresistible! :-)

Oui, c'est valable pour les enfants en général ... peut-être encore plus avec ses propres enfants ou grands-enfants! :-)

My daughter and her boyfriend were there also, but I din't make a collage with them! :-)

PeterParis said...

Jus de pommes pour elle! :-)

... et je ne suis pas le seul à aimer Paris! :-)

Thanks! I appreciate! :-)

Vielen Dank ... und bis Morgen! :-)

PeterParis said...

Thanks! Yes, there are many songs about "Paloma"! :-)

Tu as bien raison! (J'ai oublié le nom de ce petit lion. Je vais demander.) :-)

I will ask her. I never really saw her fly ... so far! :-)

PeterParis said...


Thanks! ... and yes, the post by SparklingMirror is remarkable! :-)

Je donne ma réponse par mail! ... mais l'outil est PowerPoint. :-)

PeterParis said...

L'innocense des enfants! :-)

Let's see about the wall! :-)

Yes, we are celebrating together. Saturday! :-)

PeterParis said...

It was a nice moment! :-)

Oui une colombe! :-)

Oui, à bientôt, j'espère! :-)

PeterParis said...

Un grand merci! Je les avais vu et j'étais sur d'avoir commenté! Désolé! Je reviens! :-)

Thanks! Did you look on the right post? :-)

Parisbreakfasts said...

What an absolutely adorable cutie she is!
lovely collage too.
Lucky you!

krystyna said...

She is very beautiful, and she has a great grandpa.
Happy Birthday to her dad!

SparklingMirror said the truth.
Congratulations Peter!

Virginia said...

Happy Birthday to you and your son! Also these precios photographs of Paloma are just wonderful. You captured her spirit and exuberance so very well!! Thank you for sharing them with usI I hope we will get to meet her in person.

Merci aussi pour les jardins des plantes! We will be close as you know and this is a wonderful taste of things to come. I am sure we will spend many hours here and all the other attractions nearby.

ONE MONTH FROM TODAY we will be on our way!

Shionge said...

Hey Happy Belated Birthday to your son and Paloma is gorgeous :D

PeterParis said...

With you heavy program, I don't know how many hours you can afford to relax here! :-)

Thanks... (He may be reading the post. ... if not, I will transmit)! :-)

Virginia said...

Don't worry, you know I'll be relaxing with wine many times a day!

Mona said...


I love Paloma pictures!

Belated happy Birthday Peter. My computer crashed on 21st so I could not wish you earlier!

Alain said...

Très mignonne, mais je n'irai pas jusqu'à dire qu'elle te ressemble...

PeterParis said...

I still worry a little bit! :-)

Sincere thanks! :-)