Montmartre ... again!

If you want to get a view like the one above or like these...

... you have to use some stairs. Here are some samples of what they look like on the way to the top of Montmartre. Some are the monumental ones in front of Sacré Coeur; some are the more modest ones often on the “back side”, the northern side of the hill....

A more lazy solution is of course to use the teleferic which you may see a bit of, at the left on the left photo below, or the small bus. Forget the car!

I have already posted so often on Montmartre on this blog and on my previous one, but I have still a number of photos in reserve. Here are a few more, mostly from the not so much visited northern part of the hill, which I recommend ... also to avoid the crowds!

I have also to remind you that there is a Dali Museum at the top (rue Poulbot) with some 300 original pieces of art!


Virginia said...

La sigh! I was going to propose a walk through Montmartre next week! Alas, I see you've had your fill! I do highly recommend to tourists that are visiting Paris - "Peter's Famous Way To The Top!" Whew, your shortcut saved us many, many steps for which I was most grateful. The museum looks like something I'd like, as well as some other spots you've featured here. My list is getting longer by the minute! Maybe I should stop reading???? Nah!

Shammickite said...

We walked up those steps at the back of Sacre Coeur, I was breathless when I got to the top.... but oh what a wonderful view over Paris.

Karen said...

Wow.. all those stairs.. I'm exhausted just looking at them. What a fabulous group of photos you've taken. I love the view from Sacre Coeur. That I did see when I was there with Yaelle.
I'm looking at apts for October but I need to hurry. Many are already booked.

Azer Mantessa said...

second picture on the right
i thought that was a drawing
artistically captured
i like :-)

alice said...

On ne s'en lasse pas! Et puis les escaliers, ça garde en forme! Par contre, en robe de mariée...Il faut vraiment que je descende "de l'autre côté" mais maintenant que j'ai deux guides, Catherine et toi, plus un pied à terre, tout devient possible ;-))

L. Neusiedler said...

amazing! thanks for this wonderful collection of photos: it is a true virtual trip!

Bergson said...

c'est dangereux de prendre les escaliers aussi penché

Adam said...

Makes me tired just looking at the post!

It's probably better to avoid the central staircase unless you enjoy being hassled by people trying to sell you string bracelets, flapping plastic birds, overpriced bottles of water and mini Eiffel towers!

Cergie said...

Bravo pour la trouvaille du message du dessous, je ne sais si cela a été dit, "Poulbot" est passé dans le langage courant de même que frigidaire = un titi parisien
Le revoilà d'ailleurs Poulbot, sur ce message.
Qui dira que Paris est plate ? Elle est vallonnée et cela fait son charme. Verte et vallonnée avec de beaux escaliers et de belles échappées visuelles sur les toits.
[J'ai dit 19ème = siècle et non arrondissement.]

SusuPetal said...

I like that photo on the top -the amazing view of a magnificent town.

Anonymous said...

Montmartre! I simply love it, it's so bohemian! I can't wait for september to come to Paris and climb all those stairs!
I'm glad that you brought back a piece of Montmartre again...

hpy said...

I'm a bit tired after all those stairs! Is there a place where I can sit down in the Dali museum? Maybe I'll just stop at a café!

HZDP said...

Ha, Peter, it's great to see your Paris photos again,and I think I like the first one with the panoramic view!
Also interested in the museum with 300 pieces of original art.

parisbreakfasts said...

Definitely Montmartre in a nutshell!
I especially love the multi-shots of the stairways...that says it all to me.
Excellent Peter!

Anonymous said...

The museum photos are nice. I would go there first.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I love Montmartre...we went there twice and only in Paris for 5 and half days :-)

No we didn;t go to the Dali Museum, saving that one for my husbands visit!!

Thérèse said...

Le musée Dali vaut la visite. Et oui Hélène on peut s'y asseoir mais on doit d'abord descendre un escalier!

Starman said...

Oh, my aching legs, I climbed so many of those stairs. I would be hard-pressed to do it now. My first trip to Paris, I somehow ended up on the northside and approached Sacre Coeur from the rear.

Carole said...

Pas trop chaud Peter à force de monter et descendre autant de marches ?
A bientôt !

catehrine said...

raaaaaaaaah : trop haut les escaliers...
ça donne soif de monter si haut ; après il faut boire pour étancher sa soif....

Olivier said...

la vue est magnifique. Tu nous verras voir la statue sur Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (a evry, on a pas les memes moyens que Paris, alors une stele c'est deja un bel hommage et c'est ce qui compte)

crocrodyl said...

Great view! I like also your great captures of stairs:)

Owen said...

Bonjour Peter, love all those stairs shots; and imagine you've climbed them all ! Good for the calf muscles... Funny, was just up there weekend before last. Photographed the front of the Dali Museum, and a few other odds and ends as well, will have to post them soon. Saw a nice Jerome Mesnager piece. Happy hunting !

Virginia said...

I might skip Dali. Well I have to draw the line somewhere, oui??? I still say your way to the top is the best. In 2007, I did the stairs AND the stairs to the dome which is the best view in all of Paris if you're up to it. I"m not now, so don't even suggest it.

Shionge said...

I love walking up & down the stairs in Paris as part of the landscape of this beautiful city.

Here, people depended on the escalator too much ;( We must now know why ladies in Paris are trim & slim ;)

Mo said...

I see there is a bit of summer haze. All very familiar to me. I lived not too far from here for three years.

claude said...

Tu te rends compte, Paris sans Montmartre, mais ça ne serait plus Paris !

Bettina said...

Love it, Love it, Love it.....
I love climbing these stairs (getting exhausted in Paris is not as bad as anywhere else ;-D ) and I prefer the north side of the hill too.

Ruth said...

Don't ever stop posting your Montmartre photos please. It's my favorite part of the city, especially in the fall or spring. The light!

James said...

Peter you do the most wonderful and informative posts.

That is why I want to give you an award that I don't think you already have.
When you get a chance please get it from my Something Sighted blog.


PeterParis said...

The art of getting to the top without stairs! :-)

It's worth the visit! :-)

So hurry up please! :-)

PeterParis said...

You don't have to be an artist! :-)

D'accord pour un tour avec toi, Catherine... ! :-)

A pleasure! :-)

PeterParis said...

Il faut faire un peu attention, en effet! :-)

There are many ways to avoid the crowd... until you reach the top of course! :-)

J'ai essayé de dire ce que dis de "poulbot", mais tu as raison! Oui, il y a quelques "collines" à Paris! :-)

PeterParis said...

I chose the right one for the top then! :-)

Hope to hear from you in September!

I think a café would be better! :-)

PeterParis said...

Great to see you back here ... and on your blog! :-)

Good for losing some calories ... to compensate for all the macarons! :-)

First you must get up to the top! :-)

PeterParis said...

I understand you will soon be back! :-)

Je vois que tu connais bien! :-)

A nice way to reach the top! :-)

PeterParis said...

Oui, je n'ai pas choisi le meilleur jour! Il faisait chaud! :-)

Ce n'est pas interdit de boire, en montant, en arrivant...! :-)

D'accord, je faire un post sur Dumas père! :-)

PeterParis said...

Thanks! It's more sports to use the stairs than the bus! :-)

You could have contacted me! :-)

So, shall we forget Montmartre this time? :-)

PeterParis said...

Stairs are good exercise! :-)

I didn't know! So, you are an expert of Montmartre then! :-)

En effet! :-)

PeterParis said...

Nice that you have discovered the northern side! :-)

Fall or spring are the best for visiting Paris, even in general! :-)

Thanks!! You are very nice! I will go there and pick it up immediately! :-)

Blind Fly Theater said...

Ah, Montmartre... No matter how many times it is featured, still it is not enough for me. And I love the alternative route you take "from the not so much visited northern part of the hill".
And, of course, you've introduced me to yet another previously unknown (to me) point of great interest -- The Dali museum, with 300 (300!!!) original works of art. Wow. That is very interesting indeed!
I've heard so much about how "breathtaking" a visit to Paris is... could it be all of the climbs!? ;)
Thanks again, Peter!!

PeterParis said...


Claudia said...

Ah, beautiful Montmartre! Have you gone to the Cabaret Au Lapin Agile yet, Peter?

Unknown said...

It's easy to understand why the noveau riche want to live there, but it's an ongoing story.

Are you scared to be alone at home need security