Père Lachaise Cemetery - again

Some four or five years ago, I posted on the Père Lachaise Cemetery. I have been back now and then… and yesterday I had the privilege to accompany sixteen young Swedish girls and to, as some kind of “guide”, make a summary tour of this beautiful place. The Swedish Church in Paris organizes events for the young visitors to the city and they kindly asked me if I could make this little walk with them – a mixture of students, au-pair girls… not a single guy!

I use this opportunity to show some random photos I have taken at the cemetery at different occasions. This time, I’m not listing or showing all the tombs of famous people. For that you can either look at my previous post or go to, for example, this site or this one.


Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

Oh Peter -- I love this post so much. First, how fun to have a whole group of young ladies in Père Lachaise!! *grin* The pics are really cute!

Second, you posted so many photos of some of my very favorite "unknown" tombs and markers. So lovely to have a look and I feel like I was on the walk with you.

Thank you for this, truly.

My biggest heartache right now is that I found that I really did come to love Paris after all... You were right that it would happen. :) And the sadness is that it could be many years before I will return. BUT, I did it. I figured out how to love her. In some ways, it took leaving to recognize it, hahahahaha. Sometimes that is the way of it, no? LOL. Anyway, Père Lachaise is my most favorite place in Paris, I think. I have many dear memories of the times I went there and the people I went with, so it is good to relive those memories through your post.

Merci, Peter.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Great images. You have brought back a flood of memories. This is one of my favourite places in Paris. On our first visit we had planned to spend a morning there but ended up staying the whole day in dreadful heat. Warm regards

Olivier said...

une visite du cimetiere qui se fait dans la bonne humeur. j'avais jamais vu la tombe de Mano Solo

Alain said...

Le père Lachaise, un sujet presque inépuisable. On remarque que 6% environ des Suédoises portent des souliers rouges.

Thérèse said...

Bon on peut tout de suite s'appercevoir que ce n'etait pas pour un enterrement... A chaque passage une nouvelle decouverte.

Studio at the Farm said...

What a wonderful day for you, Peter, surrounded by beautiful women, taking them on a tour of such a fascinating site.
Love your photos - thank you.

arabesque said...

hi Peter!
surrounded with 16 cute girls without a single guy!? ^0^ hmm...
thanks for your kind comments on my blog btw, i think now that it's almost close to a year, i;m starting to cram! haha ^0^
i miss Paris every minute of the day,
and how I wish i could fly back the next minute i feel like it. ^0^
this tour made me want to see more,
tnx for sharing.
belle fotos comme toujours.

Synne said...

Beautiful photos! I don't think I'll ever tire from seeing photos of that place - or visiting it in real life. Luckily, now it's just a twenty minute walk away if I feel like it!

Starman said...

Cute girls!!

Anonymous said...

To say that Swedish women are

beautiful is an understatement...

Un lindo articulo Peter.

Mil gracias.

Mme. Mignard

claude said...

Tu sais bien t'entourer pour la visite de ce cimetière qui est un monument historique à lui tout seul.

lyliane six said...

Toujours un bon prof! bravo, tu sais t'entourer de jeunesse