A big farm

The Paris International Agricultural Show (Salon International d’Agriculture) takes place annually, end February / beginning March, at the exhibition area in the southern part of Paris, Porte de Versailles. It’s one of the world’s most important agricultural shows.
The 2014 version closed last weekend. I was one of the some 700.000 visitors. Yes, it’s crowded, very popular. For the professionals, a more technical fair is held simultaneously, every second year, in the northern suburbs (Villepinte).

It’s the occasion to have a closer look on some 3 or 4 thousand exposed animals of some hundreds of different kinds. There are daily shows organised with prizes attributed.

There is of course a bovine domination.

Most of the horses showed there back parts only, but there was obviously a good reason for that.

It was easier to see the heads of some smaller members of the genus Equus.

There is also competition between the goats and sheep.

I didn’t count the number of “birds”…

… or rabbits.

Pigs seem to be very productive … and sleepy.

One of the major pleasures is of course to taste, buy… all kinds of agricultural products. 


Starman said...

It looks really interesting, but it must be torture having to get through all those people to see what you want to see.

Alain said...

Une jolie vitrine qui ne fait pas oublier la pollution des eaux par les nitrates et les pesticides.

Studio at the Farm said...

It looks like a lot of fun!!! Wish I could have seen it. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos, Peter!

Cezar and Léia said...

Glad that you have the opportunity to visit this exhibition and thanks so much for sharing these images. I watch some news about this event on the France TV last week.
Really COOL :)

claude said...

Magnifique reportage, Peter !Mieux qu'à la télé.
Bravo !

JudyMac said...

Some very fine looking animals there, Peter. Those plaited/braided horse tails really tickled my funnybone.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! And so entertaining!

Did they sell some of that delicious choucroute?

¿Y qué me dices de esos conejitos?

¡Que ganas de estar allí!

Mil gracias Peter.