Moulded faces .... and the real one!

If you walk around in Paris – and at some other places in the world – you will have a great chance to, glued on some street walls, find moulded faces, always of the same man in different appearances – and colours – but often with his tongue out. Behind these masks you will find the street artist Gregos.

I have seen many of them, but unfortunately realised that I have very few photos in my archives... and one problem is that the faces often disappear rather quickly, appreciated by “collectors”. Above are however a few examples … and also the real face of Gregos who I had the pleasure to meet recently.

Here are some better examples of his faces – which I have “stolen” on the net.

Some of Gregos’ works are exposed at the Joël Knafo Gallery (until May 7, 146 bd Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris) – and that’s also where you downstairs can find his workshop - we can see the gallerist and Gregos together. Some of Gregos’ exposed works have been made in collaboration with another well-known street artist, FKDL, specialized in collages (I have referred to him in many of my posts on street art, e.g. here and here).

Here are some examples of the works at present exposed.

Gregos recently made a more official job in connection with the International Women’s Day (March 8). It can still be found – and hopefully will remain for a while – on the walls of the previous covered market “Blancs Manteaux” in the 4th arrondissement.  He has used a number of moulded faces to make a portrait of a woman. The text reads: "Nous avons tous grandi dans le corps d’une femme" = "We all grew up in the body of a woman".

Here are links to the sites of Gregos, FKDL and the Joël Knafo Gallery

Addendum: Another face, photographed this morning (April 28) at Montmartre.


Jeanie said...

These are fascinating! They remind me very much of some of the faces at an exhibit of masks that was curated at Michigan State University two years ago. I have always been fascinated with masks of all kinds. These are remarkable.

lyliane six said...

curieux !
On a du dans son enfance lui interdire de tirer la langue ( comme à moi), il se venge maintenant

Studio at the Farm said...

Wonderful! I love Gregos' street art, and I can understand why some "collectors" would want to "liberate" the work from the walls. :)
Thank you, Peter, for another great post!

Alain said...

Original, mais quelle drôle d'idée de faire ainsi des autoportraits à l'infini. Dans l'ensemble, quand même, je ne trouve pas cela très beau.

claude said...

Suis un peu de l'avis d'Alain.

Dédé said...

Je partage entièrement l'avis de l'Alain. Je trouve cela un peu monotone et je n'en comprends pas vraiment le sens. Aucune réinvention...

Synne said...

Oooh, I remember these! How fun that you met the artist!