A peaceful haven.

The “Jardin de Plantes” is worth a visit for many reasons – its gardens, a number of museums, a little zoo… I already posted about it several times. If you look for a really peaceful moment I would recommend a visit to what is a bit separated from the rest, the Alpine Garden. (There is an entrance fee only during the weekend.) The “Jardin Alpin”, originally referred to as the “Jardin des Plantes de Montagne” (mountain plants) is as old as the total park – from around 1640, but it has had its present look since 1931.

A special little look on some frogs and some water lilies.

On the way here, you can’t avoid a special look on the Lebanese cedar, planted in 1734… and the “Gloriette de Buffon” from 1787, the oldest metallic installation in Paris. It’s heavily in need of restoration and the park authorities ask for contributions - see here.

Apart from all the more public buildings, there are also some nice old ones, hidden behind trees. 


Anonymous said...

I'm looking at your superb photos, M. Peter. ¡Que maravilla!
I have yet to see any roses. Where are they all hiding? This is supposed to be their time of the year.
I especially love that first photo with the nice looking lady and her watercolors.
The light is fantastic. It looks like a photo from the tropics!

And so, we can assume the weather in Paris is fortunately in its best behaviour?
So happy to think it must be so.
Thank you for this enchanting post.

Kate said...

Plein air art is the best!!

Jeanie said...

How I would love to be the woman in that first picture at this very moment!Painting in a garden -- does it get better? Lovely photos, each and every one!

Synne said...

Oh, I love seeing people paint outdoors! There is more to the Jardin des Plantes that what you can take in on the first visit - it's one of those places I like to go again and again!

martinealison said...

Bonjour cher Peter,

Cette visite de magnifique jardin donne envie d'y aller faire un petit tour... Toutes ces plantes et fleurs en pleine effervescence sont fascinantes.
Merci pour ce joli partage.

Gros bisous 🌺

claude said...

J'y suis allée petite parisienne mais souvenirs lointains.