It has stopped raining, but...

I already posted about the Seine in flood a few days ago, but since then the water level has further increased (maximum soon reached?), so I just felt that I had to take some more photos. Here are some examples.

The Zouave at the Pont de l’Alma is always a reference, although the statue obviously is not quite at the same level as it was during the 1910 record flooding. Anyhow we can see how the poor Zouave is getting wetter and wetter.

People have been frustrated by the closing of the Louvre, the Orsay and some other museums and many seem instead to gather around the Zouave.

Road and other signs.


Some protections, not always of help.

During my walk I had to wait for a while before crossing the street at Place de la Concorde.  


Gunn said...

Wow! Your documentary is strong and must have taken time and effort. Hope things will be better very soon!

Kate said...

The scenes are very sobering; you did a wonderful job of presenting photos that demonstrate what is occurring

andrew1860 said...

Oh my goodness, I did not know Paris could flood like that. I live in New Orleans a place known for flooding. I hope the water goes down soon. This is the high season for tourist now! I put off going to Paris until the fall.

Anonymous said...

History books tell us how much Parisians liked to bathe and swim in the Seine during the summer months.

The Seine, like most rivers could be treacherous for swimmers because of the speed or strength of its current.

And for that reason, I don't know how unhealthy that water might be right now. Not a chance for it to become stagnant, right?

I just hope that whatever that water is doing now...that it goes away soonest possible ever!

Kudos to you, M. Peter for all the updates. A million thanks for your dedication.

Jeanie said...

Very intense and I suspect a good deal of damage when the water goes down. I suspect it has a good deal of sewerage in it, too. Or at least isn't very healthy. Be careful out there. And thanks for sharing such unique photos.