Place des Vosges - linen.

I’m sorry about being a bit late about this, but there was a promotion for linen at Place de Vosges (see previous post) which lasted for about a week – the last day was yesterday, Sunday June 5. You could find flax plants – in bloom – as well as finished products.

You could also learn that linen textiles have been there for several thousands of years, that the word linen is derived from the latin “linum” and that we can find the product in terms like line, lining, lingerie, linoleum…  and that today more than 80% of the world’s linen production comes from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

For a user, who doesn’t wish to iron too often, it’s good to feel that linen’s tendency to wrinkle is part of its particular charm. There are many other uses of linen than for clothes, towels… and it's often part of different industrial products…. And it is of course considered as ecological.  

There is a considerable campaign for linen sales of all sorts in the nearby shops… and elsewhere. 


Jeanie said...

Well, I would certainly love this -- but also fall into the camp of not ironing much (or at all!). Yet the feel of linen is truly wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as usual, M. Peter!
Miss my Grandma's nightgowns and bed linen made of this most beautiful and natural fabric.
Hope you're happy the weather has improved.