We have had some cold days…  No snow, blue sky, but there was ice on the ponds in the nearby park, “Parc Clichy-Batignolles Martin-Luther-King”. Most of the birds were gone…

… possibly to the neighbouring park, “Square des Batignolles” – “my park” with its “waterfalls” and moving waters. No ice here, happy birds!    


Dédé said...

J'adore la première photo. Tu as remarqué les grosses pattes de l'animal. Je suis sûre qu'il a des ventouses dessous pour bien tenir sur la glace.

joanna said...

ah! so lovely,& colorful. This post is for the birds and the bird lover's. It amazes me how the dear one's can stand on those tiny limbs and feet? and not freeze to the spot.
Very nice photography.

Anonymous said...

In Paris, somewhere near the Martin Luther King park, there's a restaurant named Coretta. Isn't that the first name of Dr. King's wife?

I hope all those birds from this park found shelter in yours, Peter.
Your photos are great. They show us how adorable those ducks can be. And they all look so healthy. They seem to be so well taken care off!

I'm already shivering just by looking at all that ice. So, I shall leave and try to find my blankie.

Gracias mil por este articulo ma-ra-vi-llo-so.

martinealison said...

Bonjour cher Peter,

Mon commentaire est tombé à l'eau comme pour rejoindre ces jolis canards !

Je recommence !

Mon ami, Léo le toucan, n'aime pas vraiment la neige et le froid, tout comme moi.
Je te remercie pour ces belles photos de ces amis emplumés.

Gros bisous 🌸

Shammickite said...

Those birds must have very cold feet!

Studio at the Farm said...

Peter, your photography is superb! Love the first one of the crow [raven?] standing on the ice.