Delacroix paintings restored.

Eugène Delacroix (1798-1865) made three paintings which decorate a chapel in the Saint Sulpice Church. I talked about them in a previous post (see here), but they were then under a heavily needed restoration, which lasted about a year. They are now visible again! 

There are two mural paintings and one ceiling painting on stretched canvas. They were all executed rather late in Delacroix’s life, officially inaugurated in 1861, two years before his death. He spent a few years on preparing and executing these paintings, of course interrupted by other commitments and personal works. To be close to the church, he actually moved to the nearby Place Fürstenberg, where you now can visit his museum (see here).

The paintings go under the names of “Jacob wrestling with the Angel”, “Helodorius driven out of the Temple” and – the ceiling canvas – “Saint Michael slaying the Dragon”.

I could not resist showing some of the other most famous Delacroix paintings… and his by Nadar photographed portrait (which he didn’t like and had asked Nadar to destroy).  


Anonymous said...

"The first merit for a painting is to be a feast for the eye." This was his motto during his entire life. Totally spot on, Monsieur Delacroix!

I saw his impressive 1837 self portrait. It reminded me of the equally impressive one of Axel Fersen's painted in 1799 by Pierre Dreuillon. Both men share good looks, elegance and great facial muscles. Axel Fersen's blue eyes though (seen better if you enlarge the picture) have so much sadness...

Thank you, Peter.

Greve Axel von Fersen, målat 1799 av Pierre Dreuillon

claude said...

J'admire ces oeuvres et également celles et ceux qui leur redonnent leur aspect d'origine.

Jeanie said...

These are beautiful, Peter. Such paintings are real treasures and I am so glad that they are finding the money to do the restoration.