Lavirotte - addendum

Referring to my recent post about buildings by Jules Lavirotte in Paris, I have now received the – surprisingly enough - possibly only, recent, book about him and his works, which I ordered last week. There you can read something more about his life, what he constructed elsewhere... and about his violent car accident which seriously limited his activities during his last 9 or 10 years.

Reading the book made me wish to make an addendum to my previous post. I learnt that the quite simple “moderate rent” building on 169, Boulevard Lefebvre, was supposed to have three of four more floors - see above. The book does not give any clear reason why finally the building only got the first two floors on top of the commercial ground floor, which during many years was occupied by the painting company Mallez, which regularly worked for Lavirotte.  This (half-) building has been threatened by demolition, but is now obviously saved.  

Lavirotte died at the age of 64. The book has a lot of illustrations also from the interior of some of the famous Paris art nouveau buildings.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Snippets of history! Thank you for your diligence

Anonymous said...

Happy to know that such a building escaped demolition! "Moderate rent" building, huh? The mere fact of knowing that I have a roof in a building designed by such a world class architect! And no qualms about possible defective structures and their likes here?

And I love those touches of faint turquoise that colors the ceramic ornaments in some of his buildings.

Glad to know you found the book and that you enjoyed it, Peter!

Thank you,