Some leaves still there...

There have been heavy winds over France during a couple of days… All the Paris trees have now definitely lost their leaves….

… except some birch trees on which some leaves resist. This resistance has something to do with origins…?

I’m still a bit too busy to make one of my “normal” posts (and it’s rather cold, rainy and windy outside), but I wanted to give a sign of life. J


Jeanie said...

Odd, isn't it, how frightfully cold it can get and yet some trees still hang onto their colorful leaves. Believe me, seeing a photo like that today cheers me immensely!

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Mystica said...

We are having the reverse here. Dry burning heat. I think touching 40. Half an hour outside and one wilts. Evenings cool.i wish though for rain. We are going to have endless water and electricity cuts very soon.

Anonymous said...

Will never be able - in my mind - to separate the sight of birch trees from the movie Doctor Zhivago and the movie's musical theme, composed by that brilliant Frenchman, Maurice Jarre.


I love that yellow! And I love your photos!

Thank you, Peter

joanna said...

Thank you Peter, for your wonderful photo's with the yellow leaf clinging to life showing confidence about the future.

Happy New Year, 2018

claude said...

Hello Peter !
Bonne Année et surtout bonne santé.