Something missing (2)

When leaving the Tuileries Gardens (see preceding post) I noticed that something else was missing. 

Well, some of the beautiful lamp posts, candelabras, on Place de la Concorde (several posts here and here) have suffered. We should remember that they have been here since the 1830’s when the present look of the Place was created by the architect Jacques Ignace Hittorf (I talked about him several times, e.g. here).

Most of candelabras look fine….

… but a few are in in need of repairs.

I also noted that many of the simple ones are differently painted. Are there some intentions to repaint them all?  Will they try to make these simpler ones colour wise to look like the more elaborated ones? 


lyliane six said...

C'est vrai qu'à Paris il faut se promener le nez en l'air, mais tu es un fin observateur.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the competent authorities of that divine city will deign to come down from their ivory tower...and see with their own eyes what is happening to the aesthetics of that place...of all places? Is it perhaps too cold now for it to be acknowledged?
This is outrageous and depressing...

Thank you, Peter for showing it to us.

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Shammickite said...

But it all takes a lot of money to keep these antiques in good shape.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wonderful pictures!

I'm particularly taken in on the second one, the candelabrum. It looks magnificent. Also, there is one such, in a place called Ooty (my erstwhile home), in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which, for a long while (until the Indian independence) was the summer capital of the British administration. That fountain is called the Charing Cross and this second picture of yours depicts an icon that is stunningly and strikingly similar. And, along came a flood of some wonderful memories.

Cannot thank you enough, Peter. I am delighted, beyond words, to be able to see such a magnificent world, through your eyes. And so, I am eternally grateful.