... and some street art again

The Batignolles area in the 17th arrondissement used to have a covered market of the old Baltard type. It was replaced in the 1970’s by this quite dull building. Well, the building – in addition to the market - now also offers a number of flats for older people and via Google Earth and the site “Le Jardin des Moines”, we can see that there is a calm and nice space on top of the market roof. I talked to some people who live there and they seem to be satisfied, so maybe I shouldn’t be too upset about the destruction of the old building.

To make the building look a bit less dull also from the outside, I was pleased to see that it recently has been decorated by four street artists. One has realised that the arrondissement was lacking street art, and this project is obviously at least partly sponsored by a popularly voted City of Paris “participatory budget”. 

I was especially pleased to see that one of my favourite street artists, Seth, has made some remarkable illustrations (see also top picture), obviously referring to kids and reading - just opposite the street where he has painted, there is a library, specializing in youth literature. I have already written about Seth here and here.

The other - excellent - artists are Pastel FD…

… Ratur…

… and Jaw. 

You can see read more about the artists here: Seth, Pastel FD, Ratur, Jaw.


lyliane six said...

C'est très joli et coloré, comme les rues de Valparaiso que j'ai visité en fin d'année dernière.

Maria Russell said...

To live on top of such a market! No wonder the tenants are so happy! A total dream!
I love all the paintings of those great artists!
Thanks, Peter.