Passage Commun

In the very fashionable 7th arrondissement, I was curious to find out what was hiding behind the curious street name “Passage Commun”. Actually, it’s just an opening to some kind of corridor, at 127, rue de l’Université. You can enter… and you discover the old cobblestones (see top picture), some 50 mailboxes, another gate and some rather typical Paris 19th century buildings, modest, but quite decent. I met an old lady who had lived there “since ever” and she kindly showed me her nice flat. 

It seems that the name “Passage Commun” refers to the fact that you have the right to enter, although it means that you have to pass through a third party property. It’s of course rather curious to have this as your official postal address.   


Maria Russell said...

Glad and relieved you found something pleasant at the end of such a spooky walkway.
Love your photos! Thank you so much.

That must be the area where in 1794, Josephine de Beauharnais had a small apartment at 371, Rue de l’Universite?

Unknown said...

Strange that the "Paris par arrondissements" only have one "Passage Commun" and that is in the 8th at 31 rue de Liege, and is anything but "Commun", written "propriété privée" all over.

claude said...

Il y a des coins de Paris comme ça méconnus.
Merci pour nous les faire découvrir.

Honest Abe Lincoln said...

Reminds me of places I visited in our southwestern states, going door to door trying to sell sets of encyclopedias to poor Mexican families.