The Orsay Museum … again

I have of course already posted about the Orsay Museum (see here and here), but I recently went back for the temporary exhibition of one of my favourite artists, Berthe Morisot. 

The Orsay Museum had established a rule about “no photos”, but now photos are again allowed (except of some privately owned and temporarily exhibited items). I could thus have taken tens, hundreds of photos, but… I took only a few… including the top one of one of the clocks, seen from the inside.

Here are two paintings by Berthe Morisot (1841-1895). The “Lady in Black” (a lady prepared to go to the theatre) is from 1875, the second one is called “Daydreaming” and is from 1894. We can see her daughter Julie Manet (1878-1966). We know that Berthe was married to Eugène Manet, Edouard Manet’s younger brother. Julie was their only child.

I made of course a little walk around the museum and could thus have taken an unlimited number of photos, but here are just a few of the more famous pre-impressionist, impressionist and post-impressionist ones – Manet, Monet, Renoir, van Gogh… and of what may be considered to have been the “model” for the “Statue of Liberty” (on which I posted a number of times, e.g. here and here).

I also again admired this painting by Marie Bashkirtseff (1858-1894). She died at the age of 36 and this painting called “La Réunion” (the meeting) is from 1884 - look at the details. I wrote about her in a previous post, about the Passy Cemetery, where she is buried, as are most of the members of the Manet family (the Manet brothers, Berthe Morisot, her daughter Julie…).


Jeanie said...

Berthe Morisot is one of my favorite artists and the d'Orsay is such a treasure. Love so many of the beautiful images you chose.

Anonymous said...

The Musée d'Orsay! I always loved this place...the wonders that it contains, its huge and cavernous foyer...
Great photography, Peter!
Thank you.
Many years ago, my sister always accompanied her mother-in-law to her regular check-ups. That way she got to know Docteur Rouart well. He was one of the three boys Julie Manet had.

Shammickite said...

Oh those dirty fingernails!!!!!!

claude said...

Des tableaux qui me plaisent bien.
J'ai cru comprendre que ce musée était en pleine rénovation. Un ami parqueteur a travaillé sur les sols, magnifiquement bien.
Bon Dimanche Peter !

Studio at the Farm said...

Peter, thank you for the short tour of the d'Orsay. The paintings are exquisite, but I especially like your photo of the clock!