Koons' tulips

I already talked about Jeff Koons' “Bouquet of Tulips”, which he so generously “offered” to the City of Paris, here, when I also talked about the 2.400 € bags he had created. You may guess that I’m not an absolute fan of his works. These tulips should thus first have been installed in front of the Paris Modern Art Museum, but severe protests changed the decision and they have now been placed in a more discrete way in the park behind the Petit Palais (see my post here). The tulips were inaugurated last week. My photos were taken a bit later, in rain, and may not quite reflect the real colours. Sorry.

This is obviously officially to be considered as a gift by the US (different American investment funds … and also LVMH…) to the City of Paris, in remembrance of the last years’ terrorist attacks. The 12th tulip in the bouquet is symbolically missing.

I’m definitely not against modern art, definitely not, but… What will these tulips look like in a number of years? I think that there is a chance that the little sculpture close to the tulips will survive them.

On the way home I passed this little nice fountain, close to what I referred to as the “rotating showers” in a previous post. I repeat… I’M NOT AGAINST MODERN ART, but… (Sorry about the rain, but we needed it.)


Studio at the Farm said...

I definitely share your sentiments about modern art. I enjoyed this post, Peter.


Cergie said...

Il n'y a jamais un nombre pair de fleurs dans un bouquet, Peter. Et j'ai lu dans un guide ou sur un site que traditionnellement les romains offrent onze fleurs