Extra post

Virginia, who produced the photo on my post last Monday, kindly offered to open her very nice special Paris blog (Paris through my Lens) for a few of my photos, some night shots taken during one of our common walks through Paris during her recent visit here.

(Today, I’m walking round Paris with another visitor, Karen from Florida, so I will hardly have the possibility to make my normal tour of your blogs until later.)

I had however the time to prepare also my own post for today, here below.


Virginia said...

And I might add Peter's photos are very interesting and worth the "blog jump"!

Mona said...

wow! We all seem to be having a lot of visitors lately!

claude said...

Ton blog fait des petits.
T'inquiète ! Bonne balade avec Karen.

PeterParis said...

It's really nice to have visitors! However, sometimes it keeps you busy and leave you less time for blogging and commenting. :-)

Bettina said...

Hello Peter,
I just want to thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos, and knowledge of Paris, with the rest of us. It is such a joy to be able to "be in Paris" through your photos, inbetween my trips to the city.
I never came around calling you on my last two visits to Paris, but I'll be back in May '09, and I hope your kind offer still stands, if you have the time ?
I'll look forward to "follow" your photos next year.

PeterParis said...

Happy to see you back here and hope to see you in May then! Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

krystyna said...

"Paris through my Lens" - Virginia's blog is really a special and amazing place.

krystyna said...

I agree with your first comment, Peter about visitors. It is so nice, but takes much time.

Thanks for your visit today,/my birthday/ although you have a break.