Venice (2)

Yes, the “aqua alta” (or "acqua alta", I see two different spellings) reached the highest level since 1986 during our stay. All of Venice was flooded. In the middle of the day, December 1, normal boots were not sufficient to keep you dry. (As you can see, boots were for sale.)

Looking out from the window in the morning (below, photo top left) gave already an impression of what was to come. Later, the warning sirens sounded. One way to avoid the “worst” was to visit some churches, most of which were dry, and to have a long lunch during the peak hours.
The gondolas and other boats had some problems to pass under the bridges ... and the vaporettos were on strike. This brings me to show you some photos of the canal traffic, a normal day, not only linked to gondolas. Some of the wooden Rivera type taxis are wonderful. You can find some small yards for the maintenance of your fleet.
As said, the about 100 Venice churches offered in general dry floors. This was the day to visit some of them. The churches are full of paintings by Titian, Bellini, Veronese, Tiepolo... although many of the master pieces have been transferred to the Accademia Museum.But the dominating artist is Tintoretto, represented in most churches. You can still find the house where he lived, close to the Campo dei Mori and the Madonna dell’Orto church, full of his paintings.
In order to be able to complete my Venice posts this week (the rest on Friday), some words about the Venetian Lagoon with several other islands. First some general views. Lido is a long sandbar with beaches and hotels, more or less abandoned during the winter months (some 20 000 people live here permanently). It’s the place for the Venice Film Festival in September. Murano is another island (or several, linked by bridges). It’s of course famous for its glass making. All over Murano and Venice you are offered Murano glass, and of course Venetian masks.

The top picture shows Murano to the left and the San Michele island, the Venetian cemetery, to the right.

You can find these photos in full and as a slide show on Ipernity.


Nathalie H.D. said...

Fantastic, Peter. I love your selection of photos and commentary. Far more elaborate than mine.

I have just posted my best photos too.

Chuckeroon said...

What's this?! That top one looks as if you've been having lessons from someone.

Michelle said...

Beautiful work. I love seeing all your photos. I can't imagine all that water! Someday I hope to go there.

MrsDr said...

It was good to see the pictures of the days of flooding in Venice. I was aware that you were there during this time and worried that it was effecting your visit.
I, too, appreciated mostly the pictures from yesterday with the impressive reflections.

Karen said...

I love the photos and your commentary but I want those venetian masks.. beautiful.

Shionge said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh Peter.....such grandeur and beauty I remembered my ice-cream there :)

Virginia said...

I'm with 'roon, the top photo is just great and I love the masks in the window. I am sure it didn't hurt you guys to spend a little time in a church !!!

Olivier said...

On en prend plein les yeux, c'est superbe. J'aime bien les masques a la fin (cela donne une idée du carnaval) et surtout la photo de venise (en ombre chinoise) au coucher de soleil

"Elle a pris l'avion de midi
Vers la ville merveille
Il était là il avait pris
L'avion de la veille

Ils se retrouvent à Venise
Sur le chemin des amoureux
Il fait soleil à Venise
Et dans le ciel et dans leurs yeux"
Sacha Distel

Anonymous said...
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lyliane six said...

Superbe! je ne peux rien dire d'autres et je t'envie, c'est une bonne idée de visiter à cette époque, fuir les touristes et surtout vivre une situation qui se renouvellera certainement de plus en plus avec le réchauffement.

claude said...

Que c'est beau tout ça ! Ce sont les marchands de bottes qui doivent faire des affaire à Venise.
Elle est vraiment belle cette ville et puis venise sans ses eaux ne serait plus Venise.

hpy said...

Some of your pictires are like paintings by Canaletto.

Adam said...

I found Venice to be quite a surreal place to visit, and your photos with all the water make it look even more so! It's insanely beautiful, but almost devoid of life after 6pm - a fantastic place to visit but I'm not sure who would choose to live there.

Did you go to Burano too? I think that was my favourite part of the visit, a kind of colourful mini-Venice and far more relaxed and cool (it was summer when I visited!)

Ruth said...

And did you pick up some boots? I never thought about the boats getting under the bridges, but of course. The Murano glass masks are gorgeous, and must cost a fortune methinks.

Wonder to see Venice here.

Anonymous said...

I can never get enough of Venice. Thanks for showing, Peter.

Bergson said...

J'arrive de voir ton diaporama sur Venise : total grand art.

alice said...

Ah, les bateaux en bois vernis...une splendeur parmi tant d'autres.Le problème à Venise, c'est tout ce qu'on voudrait voir, faire, photographier, longer ce canal, enjamber ce pont, encore un autre, encore un autre, s'éloigner de la Place Saint Marc et du Grand Canal, se perdre dans le dédale des ruelles où pas un touriste ne montre son nez, oublier les masques et découvrir les épiceries, la petite église qu'on ne connaissait pas, attendre le rayon de soleil, guetter le bon éclairage, revenir le lendemain...Bref, quand on quitte Venise, on a déjà envie de revenir!
Joli clin d'oeil sur les beaux mollets zurichois ;-)

Shammickite said...

What's that comment all about, Luos???

Peter... I am totally amazed at all that water. Was it raining a lot while you were in Venice, or was it high tides bringing the water lever up so high?
Would it be possible to miss the edge of the canal in the high water and walk right into deep water?
There has been talk for a long time that Venice is in trouble, and is slowly sinking... I hope I see it before it crumbles completely.

Anonymous said...

j'ai failli me noyer sous les photos. En tout cas Venise t'a inspiré de biens belles prises

Cutie said...

Oh dear, Venice water level has gone up so high. I wonder whether I will have any chance to visit the place before it's totally destroyed. Thanks for sharing. At least I get to see it even if I don't get to be there. :)

Unknown said...

Superb photos of the flooded Venice!!! The gondolas almost couldn't go under the bridge! That's so amazing!!!

Through your comments on my travel blog, I realized we have visited the same countries! :-)

Anonymous said...

A feast for the eyes Peter, and a pretty comprehensive survey! I particularly like the last one

Anonymous said...

All those wonderful paintings and buildings are in the danger, it is so sad to think, but your post is great in many ways.
Hopefully the global warming and rotten footings will keep away still a long time!

( Joensuu is only place without snow in this moment in Finland ! Unbelievable ! )

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Peter,
I have just been 4 hours in totall inn Venice, this is really interstiung me, thanks thanks ( I was busy last week could ot visit you) I come back to see more for sure! Thanks for showing!


Anonymous said...

splash splash splash, oh que c'est beau, splash splash, tiens si je m'arrêtais prendre un expresso, splash splash splash,et un petit coup de tintoretto et d'amaretto....
Venise dans l'eau, sur l'eau.

PeterParis said...

We are not competeing, are we? Just completing each other!

Are you ever too old to learn?

Some day you MUST!

Claudia said...

Impressive, the acqua alta...a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for eager photographers. It was all over the news here in the UK as well.

PeterParis said...

Thanks for worrying about me! :-)

It would have been nice to be there also during the carnival!

Itlaina icecream is really good (the best), but it was not really icecream weather!

PeterParis said...

More watching than praying, I must admit!

Merci! Je suis content que tu apprécies!

Commented deleted:
A spam type of message that many of us have received. I deleted.

PeterParis said...

J'espère que ces "eaux hautes" étaient une exception!

Oui, les prix de bottes étaient en hausse ce jour-là!

What a compliment!

PeterParis said...

I find this overall in Italy. People don't go out a lot late in the evening.

I'm afraid I missed Burano. Made Lido, Murano, St Michele. I may have to go back!

The flat was equipped with boots in different sizes! However, water went higher then the boots!

On Friday you will get more!

PeterParis said...

Merci d'avoir regardé aussi le diaporama! Comme ça, je ne l'ai pas préparé pour rien!

J'ai du rentrer dans une vingtaine d'églises. Restent environ 80! Comme tu dis, on peut rester longtemps et encore découvrir!

I have deleted the Luos message.

There wasn't too much rain and I don't believe the rain has any real influence. Tha canals are filled with water from the sea and the sea level would hardly increase due to rain. The problem is normal high tide + winds.

They are working on solution to save the city from high water, building some kind of dike. Let's see what it brings.

PeterParis said...

J'espère que tu as les pieds secs!

I'm sure you will have the chance to go there in time!

Tough times for the gondoliers!

Well, I have a feeling that you have visited so many more!!

PeterParis said...

I share your opinion about the last one; quite happy with it if I may say so myself! :-)

Let's hope so... and Venice was also snowfree!

Four hours is definetely not enough! You just HAVE to go back!

PeterParis said...

C'est exactement ça! :-)

Well, if it's about every 22 years, at least YOU will have a new chance!

Thérèse said...

J'aime les notes de gaïté comme ces messieurs "costumés du travail" qui ne semblent pas savoir quelle décision prendre... lol
Les couleurs également des facades, des verres de Murano, des volets intérieurs bleus.

Cergie said...

Très franchement, c'est comme si nous nous promenions charnellement dans cette ville. On a même rempli nos poches de coquillages pour bricoler un souvenir pour nos mamans. Quel âme d'enfant tu as !
J'ai tout de même un doute : la photo du dessus, ce n'est pas toi mais Lasiate qui l'a faite ! Il était avec vous incognito !

Kate said...

Peter, Your vacation certainly is memorable! And, I'm so happy that you shared all of your wonderful photos with us. I'd love to visit Murano (often wonder where all my forebears hailed from, and I love my name because of the Island and its art. I, too, would love to have one of those fantastic masks. Looking forward to more photos. Lucky you!!!!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I will forgive the masks freaking me out for the top shot alone with it's dreamy monet pastels and gprgeous liquid light.

PeterParis said...

Voilà un compliment, être comparé avec Lasiate! (Heureusement qu'il n'a pas vu - je pense.)

Yes, I guess I'm lucky!

It seems that the top photo has pleased this time! I'm happy!

Anonymous said...

I consider you so so very lucky to be there during aqua alta. I have been to all these places (stayed in Lido, & went to Murano & Burano as well) and was so much missing it this time.

I could see all my fav. places flooded and now you have brought memories alive. Thank yo so much.

The last photo is amazing.

PeterParis said...

Happy if you feel happy!

GMG said...

So, here it is an experience I didn't have: aqua alta! It must have been incredible! No vaporetto, water taxis with some difficulties to go under the bridges, gondolas struggling with the current and everything flooded, it must have been quite hard to get around...

PeterParis said...

It was bit tough, but it lasted only one day... and in the evening you could go out again, without wetting your feet (and legs)!

Mona said...

wow! Venice is interesting!