Rose Garden

Late October last year, I made some post about the Bois de Boulogne and more especially about the Parc de Bagatelle. I somehow promised to come back on this park and its Rose Garden in June, when the roses are more in general bloom than late October. So here I will give you a full dose of roses.

This rosary was added to the park in the beginning of the 20th century. There are some 9000 plants and more than 1000 species around. Each year there is a competition for the “Rose of the Year”.

The bees seemed to be happy!


Cezar and Léia said...

"Beautiful beautiful beautiful,
I have all that I want.
I have the fire of constellations extinguished millennia ago,
And the brief risk - what was it? It's passed - of so many shooting stars.
The dawn fades,
And I keep the most pure tears of dawn.
The day comes, and within the day
I still have the great secret of the night.
Beautiful beautiful beautiful,
I have all that I want.
I do not seek bliss nor torments.
Do not want what the land provides only through hard work.
The gifts of the angels are useless:
Angels do not understand men.
I do not want to love,
I do not want to be loved.
I do not want to fight,
I do not want to be soldier.
- I want to feel the delight of the simplest things. " ( Manuel Bandeira - Brazilian poet)

Breathtaking post Peter!
You know that I love roses! I have a rose's soul!
Have a wonderful week in this perfect spring!Oh Lovely Paris!
Léia ;-)

James said...

Fantastic and beautiful I can almost smell this wonderful scene.

Blind Fly Theater said...

Thousands of plants and species, so incredible is this beauty, Peter. I love to see the bees as well, healthy and working.
Both posts (this and the one in October 08) are works of art!

Many thanks again, Peter, for all of this hard work... I'm sure it's a labor of love for you, but still thank you.


dabrah said...

What a gorgeous abundance of roses. I can imagine how wonderful the scents must have been.

Virginia said...

It's Mother's Day in France and I accept this nice bouquet of roses pour moi! (Since I couldn't get that lovely bouquet from that gentleman earlier this evening!HA

A GORGEOUS post today Peter. We are as happy as the bees to see it all in full bloom.

Ruth said...

The arcs of white are the best. I will try to see this park next time.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Nature did it, again...so lovely in all it's glory. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing such wondrous place...

Dakota Bear said...

Beautiful very beautiful.

Karen said...

How beautiful. I wish we could add scents to our blogs. This one would be delightful. Thanks for another lovely post.

Azer Mantessa said...

beautiful flowers.

i'm the bee of course and i get to ... hehe

lady jicky said...

I have been to the bagatelle twice and its the most beautiful rose garden in the world.
Did you see the iris garden there too?

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Oh la la! Brilliant pictures...... my monday is made!

lyliane six said...

Merci pour ces merveilleux bouquets de roses, il n'y manque que le parfum,et pour tes vœux envoyés à maman, elle a apprécié.

Olivier said...

il ne manque que l'odeur des roses à ton post. Une superbe collection et tu as du bien t'amuser pour faire tous ces montages

alice said...

Your photos show us a garden like a fairy tale. I do like the white roses on the archs, like flowered windows... And now, i have to wait for one year before being able to enjoy this place in real...

Bettina said...

Roses are not my favourite flowers, but with this beautiful post you almost convert me.
What a lovely place.

Bergson said...

un post éclatant ; quelles couleurs !!!

Alain said...

Ce n'est plus la guerre des deux roses, c'est la guerre des mille roses.

Cergie said...

DES NOMS, DES NOMS ! C'est qui ta chouchoute ?
En ce moment j'ai un faible pour "Veilchenblau" le rosier grimpant du hameau de la Reine à Versailles. Je l'ai revue jeudi au festival "jardins, jardins" aux Tuileries
C'est un fait que c'est le festival des roses en ce moment. Il faudrait aussi aller à Gerberoy petit village de l'Oise.

margarida said...

How lovely, Peter, how absolutely brethtaking!
Your taste is wonderful!!!

Now, answering your question on the winner:
she's our next 'Thatcher'... ;)

And you have a post you missed called 'Note to Peter....' on Sweden influence on my life... :)

Vamsee Modugula said...

Oh Peter!! This such a beautiful beautiful post. Absolutely love the pictures of the garden and the roses.

hpy said...

Rosor, rosor men ingen morsdagsros. Les roses simples sont si belles, les doubles aussi, les grimpantes sont merveilleuses, mais t'es tu piqué?

april said...

Oh wow, all sorts of roses. There seem to be a lot in Paris' parks.

Nathalie said...

Le parc de Bagatelle, une merveille où mon papa adorait aller se promener.


Merci pour ton passage à Avignon. Pour fêter ça je t'offre une bière ? ...euh pardon, pour toi ce sont des bulles d'une autre nature, avec bouchon mais sans capsule ! Tu dois bien en avoir assez pour remplir une baignoire ou faire un rideau de théatre !!! :-)

Nathalie encore said...

PS - j'utilise Mozilla fox pour surfer sur le net, jamais eu aucun problème pour ouvrir ton blog.

J'ai adoré ton post précédent sur les graffitis, je file sur le lien vers la ville de Paris, moi ça ne me déplait pas du tout que ça devienne un art reconnu !

Shammickite said...

I wish my computer was equipped with "Smell-O-Vision" so I could enjoy the fragrance of all those delightful roses. I visited a wonderful rose garden in full bloom when I was in England last year, and I just couldn't get enough of the fragrances or take enough pictures of the blooms. We have been having cool damp weather here in S Ontario, and our roses are not blooming yet.... but soon, I hope.

Mo said...

Wow this post looks like a rose catalogue. Magnificent colours. I can almost smell them.

Catherine said...

Des roses qui se chauffent au soleil. Nous devrions assister à ce spectacle tous les jours de Juin. Tu as bien fait d'immortaliser l'instant et nous le faire partager....la pluie étant à l'honneur.

Anonymous said...

You have so many beautiful flowers to choose from. No wonder. They are priceless.

Our Flower Pot

Adam said...

Every Rose has its thorns. I love that juxtaposition of the attractive colours and aroma, then the blood-drawing spike of the protective thorn!

Unknown said...

Wonderful colourful collages, peter!

Claudia said...

Beautiful! I wish I knew the name of all the varieties!

Harriet said...

Oh Peter, I do hope some of these roses will still be in bloom when I arrive on the 24th! I've never been to this park, but your post convinces me that I MUST visit there on this trip.

krystyna said...

Rose Garden - wooow, what a Magical place!
And what a beautiful fragrance I smell.
I'm sure, especially women will stay longer here.
Peter, sorry, but I have a biiig temptation to pick up one rose.
Especially this with the happy bees.

Thank you Peter for sharing!

Cheryl said...

Hurray for bees! What a gorgeous garden. I would love to spend a day there.

Catherine said...

what beautiful pictures of all these roses...you have put them all together so wonderfully...

Harriet said...

After seeing this post with all the roses, Richard wishes that he were coming to Paris with me!

That iris garden sounds like it would also be beautiful.

How does one go about locating these particular gardens in that very, very large park? Is there a guide available at the entrance? Will I need a bike to find them or is everything within walking distance????

lyliane six said...

Avec cette satanée pluie mes fleurs et roses sont gorgées d'eau et piquent le nez vers le sol.
A bientôt.

lady jicky said...

Harriet, take a taxi to the jardin de bagatelle or a bus. Ask where the iris garden is - not far from the roses - many people speak English if you are polite .

Shaun said...

The pictures really are fantastic. Beautiful place. We need more of this in the world right now...

Shionge said...

I am just as happy as the bees Peter :) I wanna soak in this beautiful garden and don't have to brood that hubby didn't buy me any flowers heheheheh....

Thank you my dear Pal :D

Harriet said...

Merci lady jicky!

PeterParis said...

Thanks for this wonderful poem! Happy to offer you lot of roses! :-)

Yes, almost! (I did!) :-)

Yes, it takes some time, but you like it, it's worth it! :-)

PeterParis said...

I could see that you have a special blog for roses!! :-)

I trust your daughter and grandkids offered you some flowers! :-)

Can you wait for June next year; the best time for the roses? :-)

PeterParis said...

Yes, nature is kind, mostly! :-)

Dakota Bear:
Must agree! :-)

Sorry about the scent! :-)

PeterParis said...

Calm down, dear friend! :-)

Lady jicky:
I guess you may be right! The iris garden would have been nicer a few weeks ago! :-)

Happy Monday ... and rest of the week! :-)

PeterParis said...

Oui, j'ai eu du mal pour le parfum ! :-)

On s'amuse comme on peut! :-)

Unless you make a tour rather immediately? :-)

PeterParis said...

Almost converted! Maybe if you go there, you will be it completely? :-)

Oui, les couleurs ne manquent pas! :-)

J'espère que ce n'est pas la guerre! :-)

PeterParis said...

Aucun nom... que des roses!
Je connais ce petit village! Magnifique!

You make so many posts; difficult to follow! I have now seen the "Peter post"! Thanks! You are "too much"! :-)

Happy if it pleased you! :-)

PeterParis said...

La réponse est non, heureusement! :-)

Yes, and especially in this one of course! :-)

Je pensai à toi et à ton père quand j'étais dans le petit kiosque; je me rappelai de tes commentaires sur le Parc l'année dernière! :-)

PeterParis said...

Nathalie encore:
Tu fais bien d'aller sur le blog de David! :-)

Then you have something nice to wait for! :-)

Only some 900 missing! :-)

PeterParis said...

Il ne peut pas faire beau tous les jours! :-)

The choice was difficult! :-)

Well, I didn't touch them! :-)

PeterParis said...

Thanks! :-)

Don't worry about the names, just enjoy! :-)

Don't worry, there will still be roses! :-)

PeterParis said...

Be careful with the thorns! :-)

Bees are needed! Long live the bees! :-)

Harriet bis:
I see that the transport issue is explained further down!

PeterParis said...

Put together and select... There were so many! :-)

Des gros mots? :-)

Lady jicky:
Thanks for the answer to Harriet! :-)

PeterParis said...

"Where have all the flowers gone?"... :-)

He didn't? Shame on him! :-)

Yes, merci! :-)

GMG said...

Wow! After an award from the Mairie de Paris, you should get the Linné Award! No wonder...

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a gorgeous flowers! Those are some fabulous pictures, Peter!

PeterParis said...

My most important "awards" are compliments by other bloggers! :-)

Really happy to see you here again! :-)

Mona said...

What a wonderful bloom!
And king of the flowers too!

Thanks for posting this!

Zhang Chunhong said...

I'm happy to see these flowers, even then I'm not a bee.

Zhang Chunhong said...

Tu seras gentil si tu m'offres un peu de ces fleurs. Mais je sais que tu ne le seras pas.

PeterParis said...

Je ne suis pas gentil? :-(