Urban Art, Rue Arbalète

On a walk back the other day, together with Virginia, in the direction of the flat she has rented (together with daughter and grandkids) for a few weeks, we stopped for something to drink at a bar called “Chez Fernando” on rue Arbalète, a small street crossing the more famous Rue Mouffetard (see previous post). We discovered on a very short distance an astonishing concentration of “urban art” or graffiti.
For those who are acquainted with this type of art, you find, making perhaps 200 m of walk, illustrations by most of the at least in France famous “urban artists” like Nemo, MissTic, Jeff Aerosol, Mesnager, FKDK, Speedy Graphito... and some anonymous ones. The signature "Lezarts de la Bièvre" which you can see quite often is the signature of an association of urban artists.
I was impressed by the decoration of the front of the bar “Chez Fernando”. The young people consuming in front of it kindly left their chairs to let me take some photos. Actually it would have be even more interesting to take photos here when the bar is closed as all the shutters are also decorated. Obviously the name of the artist is “Artiste-Ouvrier” and the bar seems to be a meeting place for graffiti fans.
The bar is run by Portuguese which perhaps is a reason to the image of Amalia Rodrigues (by Jeff Aerosol; the other photo here is his self-portrait) on one of the walls.
These graffiti are “authorised” and many of them have been there for years. More and more, some of the graffiti artists are becoming officially accepted, have great commercial success and, as illustrated in a post by Adam (Invisible Paris) a couple of days ago, some of them have now been hired by the City of Paris also to do interior decorations in official buildings.
I have already made a number of posts on graffiti which you may find here if you are interested.
Time to wish you a nice weekend!
Question: I have recently had problems to open my own blog - and some others - by using Internet Explorer. When I open with Firefox I have no problems. Have you any similar experiences with my and / or other blogs? If it now and then opens with IE, the presentation is seldom complete; especially the contents of the right sidebar are not complete...


Kate said...

Never met George Clooney... maybe one day!

James said...

Very fun and interesting art show.
Have a great weekend Peter!

Cezar and Léia said...

Yes Peter!Paris is blessed with so many forms of art!
By the way we have experienced the same problem with Internet Explorer and we know of many friends who also have.Firefox really works better.
Fabulous post! It reminds me the work done on "Kelbum Castle"( Scotland )by Brazilian professional illustrators called "The twins". You mind want to have a look at http://loinsbongo.blog.co.uk/2009/05/21/brothers-in-arts-6154210/

Kind regards
Cezar & Léia

( and little Luna that loves your blog as well!)

Virginia said...

What fun it's been to pass this artwork every day going to and from the market and Metro! Thanks for doing all the essential research on this urban art. Now I have only to go to your blog for the information ( as always!). You didn't mention the nice Portugese wine at Chez Fernando- delicious! You got some nice ones today to add to this collection I think.

Owen said...

Hi Peter, beautiful collection of photos ! I love how you squeeze so much density into each post, highly concentrated wonderfulness !

Some good Jerome Mesnager pieces here... don't know if you noticed the Mesnager work I posted very recently that I photographed back in 1986 and 1991 to 93 ?

And yes, Internet Explorer is having trouble with Blogger these days. I upgraded to IE7, and upgraded to latest version of Adobe Flash Player, and that solved some of my problems, but not all. Some blogs refuse to open, and then open if I back page from the error message page... others open with missing gadgets. Yes, Firefox works... hopefully Microsoft and Google will get together and fix these annoying glitches. I was having trouble with my own blog, and finally had to take a global visitor gadget off, and then I could finally open my own blog again... !!! Arrrggghhh !

Catherine said...

What a wonderful varied selection of street art...all this type of stuff is springing up in Mexico city as well these days...

richard said...

Quite a selection, and some good imagination at work. I like the sitting figure on the slopping cross member. I think graffiti is best when it is somehow stimulated by the target location. I can't make up my mind where I stand with "official" graffiti. On the one hand I don't like the mindless vandalism of a lot of graffiti. On the other hand when it is sanctioned it loses it's rebellious side and in the process some of its attraction and strength.

alice said...

"We stpopped for something to drink...", c'est bien joli mais Virginia, elle donne des détails!
Tous ces graffiti, cela devient comme une chasse au trésor! J'en avais trouvé quelques uns intéressants à Rennes, dont de beaux papiers collés, mais ils sont tous barbouillés ou déchirés dans les jours qui suivent leur apparition...
Pour répondre à ta question, je préfère le petit renard!

lyliane six said...

J'ai eu le même problème avec mon post sur les petits chanteurs, avec firefox pas de problème, avec internet explorer, on ne pouvait pas le lire jusqu'au bout.
J'aime bien ce genre de graffitis, ça représente au moins quelque chose et j'aime ce quartier aussi, j'y ai vécu un 14 juillet très chaud et festif.

Azer Mantessa said...

ooo man

the walls rock!

Cergie said...

La rue de l'Arbalète a surtout le mérité d'être juste à coté de l'école d'agronomie de Paris, école que mon père a faite. Et l'ex petite amie de mon plus jeune fils aussi qui m'avait signalé comme elle était riche en décorations variées, j'ai publié certaines photos sur Cergipontin. A cette occasion, Richard m'avait parlé d'Hemingway et de la rue Mouffetard.

PS : no problemo pour ouvrir ton blog.
PPS : de nouveau merci pour le "Power of Schmooze Award"

april said...

Though some people are against all kind of graffiti or murals I must say there are some in your post I like. They are really interesting, quite another kind of graffiti than 'chez nous'.

I have no problemes with your site but I use Firefox and never IE. But I've read in other blogs that they have problems. It must be an IE problem.

SusuPetal said...

I like this kind of art, Peter!

A Finnish co-blogger visited Lyon and took photos of local street art, if you're interested, you'll find the photos here.

Have a nice weekend.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Whoaa! Awesome artwork and with such meaning!

Loved it!

Have a good weekend Peter!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Peter, Great Urban Art, I love it it only temporarly I quess? Ta makes your Pho's unique!

Happy weekend,
I'm still busy with the Festival of Photography, so if I am not visiting reularly, you know now why, I missed you too:)

Bye Greetings JoAnn/Holland

hpy said...

QUand c'est fait avec goût - comme ici - je n'ai rien contre - et même beaucoup pour - mais quand c'est sauvage et pas beau, non autorisé et fait n'importe où, je n'aime pas.
Comment vont tes américaines?

GMG said...

Hi Peter! Another great post on Paris' graffiti! The only «innacuracy» might be that I don't remember seeing Amalia playing the guitar... ;))
Have a great weekend!

Ash said...

Interesting images! Have a nice weekend, Peter!

Adam said...

No problem with IE here...

Great find here, and how funny that these artists should have an unofficial meeting place in this street...or is it an official one?

The Lazarts de la Bièvre try to follow the path of the old Bièvre river if I remember correctly. Was there ever a branch of it out this way?

Ruth said...

I've always loved the umbrella ones. Are those Nemo?

These last at Chez Fernando are quite extraordinary, just gorgeous.

I normally view blogs in Firefox, so I don't know about IE lately. I do know that posts look very different between the two though, and I usually check it in both browsers before posting.

Alain said...

Tu fais la tournée des bars en ce moment !

Bettina said...

I really like this art/grafitti and appreciate it when I'm passing by it in Paris.
I'm always wondering when they're doing it, if it's at night or... ? I have never seen anyone doing it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Peter. I liked the eye for an eye one the best.

You might like to read the story about us almost moving to Alaska...

Homesteading in Alaska

Cuckoo said...

At last I could catch up with your posts physically. Physically means visiting your blog. I have been reading them thru reader. :)

Yes, you said it rightly. Closed shutters would have been much more interesting to see. Smiled at Gandhi's graffiti.

Next time you can try to capture one graffiti getting painted.

Cuckoo said...

And wish you a happy weekend !!

Bon weekend !

Carole said...

C'est drôle tout ça, avec Cathy on a les même !
Par contre, il t'en manque un : tu as oublié Alfred Hitchcock...
A bientôt Peter, bon W-E.

crocrodyl said...

I like especially the first one:) When I am looking at some of such graffities I think that people who did they are real artists!

Virginia said...

Pardon! May I add one more thing? Peter and I have had some discussions regarding my feelings about what he tells me is called "tagging'. I feel strongly that tagging is a form of urban littering. It defaces the personal property of others. From what Peter tells me the "stenciled" art is allowed. He and I have enjoyed photographing many , many examples this week. Bravo Peter for this great post!

Karen said...

I love it. Such diversity and so interesting to see. Thanks for taking the time to photograph it, post it, and write so much information. I always learn something from your blog.
I have no problem opening your blog in IE but sometimes have problems with my own. Very slow to upload and sometimes freezes up but some of that may be my computer. It's old and sluggish.

Harriet said...

Another IE problem is that I can sometimes open your site, but then I can't close it properly without exiting out of IE.

Shammickite said...

Some of those graffiti images are quite amazing! So much more pleasing than seeing rude words sprayed on walls!
I have given up on IE, I use Firefox all the time now.

lasiate said...

bien vu cette série de tags , j'en reconnais un à fesses découvertes à Beaubourg!

Babzy.B said...

Magnifique série !!!

Blind Fly Theater said...

These types of posts are some of my favorites, Peter!
Thanks you...
I have had a few problems with IE, so I've been using Google Chrome and haven't had these issues.
Wonderful photos, and very inspiring and creative. Glad you have had a good time showing Virginia around...

krystyna said...

Beautiful photos and those artgrafitties make a specific climate.
I wonder if the people who live in those area appreciate how beautiful this place is.
How beautiful Paris is.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

PeterParis said...

Maybe by becoming a Nespresso fan?

Glad you appreciate!

Cezar & Léia:
Happy to see that Luna also appreciates! :-)
Didn't manage to open with the link you gave. Will try again and otherwise!

PeterParis said...

... if I talke about the wine and champagne every time, people would start to think...! :-)

I will check your posts soonest!

I have tried to get the message through to different parties involved, but it's difficult to reach a real answer. MS locally here promised to call back on the matter, but haven't kept their promise so far. In the meantime, let's go for Firefox!

So, you are another "Catherine", in Mexico City! Nice to see you here! Not a blogger yet?

PeterParis said...

Mixed "neutral" feelings! Getting influenced by your Swiss environment? :-)

C'est la "guerre"... quand les taggers détruisent les artistes urbains!

C'est bien; on est d'accord - certains graffiti sont biens! :-)

PeterParis said...

As you say!

Hemmingway habitait pas loin, en effet! Il faudrait faire un post en suivant ses traces, mais ça impliquerait quelques bars surtout je pense!

There must be some good graffiti artists also in Germany! :-)

PeterParis said...

Catherine (Mexico):
Sorry, I found your blog and the shadows. (It did not open immediately.)

Nice illustrations from Lyon!

Thanks... Too late to wish you a nice weekend! Sorry! :-)

PeterParis said...

It depends what you call temporary, but basically they are there to stay ... until further! :-)

Nous sommes d'accord! Les américaines vont bien, merci! :-)

But, it's Amalia anyhow I believe, no doubt? :-)

PeterParis said...

Thanks! ... and I hope that your weekend WAS good! :-)

Bièvre was not far away from here and they are certainly acitve also in this area. I don't think it's an official "headquarter". I believe they have something close to the Butte aux Cailles. Will revert on that one day maybe.

Yes, the umbrellas are by Nemo! :-)

PeterParis said...

Oui, mais seulement en ce moment! Je suis entrainé! :-)

... nor have I! I guess you are right! :-)

Good that I chose it as top photo then! :-)

PeterParis said...

Happy to see you back for real! :-)

Je n'ai pas vu Alfred H! Peut-être il n'est plus là?

Some of them certainly are!

PeterParis said...

You are perfectly right. But the allowed or officilised graffiti are not all "stenciled" only.

Let's make an urban art tour together next time! :-)

There is a clea blogger / IE problem, that's clear!

PeterParis said...

We all agree, I think! :-)

Surtout Jef Aerosol's steciled art can be found in many copies all around the city!

Happy to find you visiting my blog! Allowed me to discover yours!

PeterParis said...

I'm happy to see that you like this type of post!

I hope so! I do!! :-)

Catherine said...

Alfred H. et Jim Morrison dans une impasse qui donne sur la rue Mouffetard, Peter....
Les autres, je les ai aussi. C'est amusant de voir que certains blogueurs font leurs "courses-(photos)" dans le même quartier et qu'ils rapportent les mêmes clichés dans leur petite boite noire.

Jilly said...

This sort of street art is interesting. What i hate is the mindless scribble which we are seeing in Menton at the moment. The mayor is getting tough on it and recently the police arrested three 13 and 14 year olds. I hope they are made to scrub the walls clear with their hands. I love proper street art tho such as you are showing.

I use Firefox so have no problem seeing your wonderful blog, Peter.

PeterParis said...

Il faudrait qu'on se voit pour une petite coordination: :-)

I agree! In Paris, I believe you can order immediate cleaning by the City (free of charge?)!

Unknown said...

Really cool graffiti sets!

Claudia said...

Amalia!! I love this type of urban art. BTW, I switched to Firefox a couple of weeks ago because of the same problem.

PeterParis said...

Cool, yes!

Somehow good to know that I'am not alone! :-)

Catherine said...

superbe reportage ! j'adore cette collection de graffitis.

PeterParis said...

Je suis content pour toi ... et pour moi! :-)

GMG said...

It's definitely Amalia!!

Zhang Chunhong said...

I like this post very much! All of these grattiti are admirable!

PeterParis said...

Good! I was afraid I was wrong! :-)

Good! :-)

Anonymous said...

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