A little touch of winter.

It seems that we have had the mildest winter since 1900. However, the winter made a (last?) try this weekend. Early Saturday morning, “my” street looked like this. The gates to “my” park were not yet open.

Two hours later I could enter the park.


Vagabonde said...

Your park looks pretty under the dusting of snow. I see some spring flowers are already out in it – it will look superb soon. We also have had a very mild winter here. By next Thursday it is supposed to be 75 F (23.8 C.) By the way, I was reading in a book that there is a new “fête” in Paris called “la fête des voisins.” I had never heard of it – did you talk about it in any of your posts?

Anonymous said...

I love this post!
Very cute and very beautiful, like every tour of your park.
Thank you, Peter.

claude said...

Jolies tes photos ! Il a neigé aussi ici samedi matin.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Winter's calling card to remind you that it hasn't completely disappeared has created beautiful subjects for you lovely photography Peter. How can people be so sceptical about climate change?

Jeanie said...

Our winter is mild too -- indeed, we may be on the final path to spring! Oh, I hope so!

Lovely photos as always!

Cergie said...

On va avoir un arbre-nuage comme celui-là dans notre tout petit jardin (cadeau de fin de mandat de président de son association pour Pat)
Le square des Batignolles a toujours autant de charme

Studio at the Farm said...

Wonderful photos, Peter! Mother Nature always has a few tricks up her sleeve :)