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I may be repeating myself, but living close to what once was planned to be the Olympic village – if Paris had been chosen for the 2012 games – I’m so impressed by what’s now going on, how the old shunt yard has been transformed into a park (already very popular) and how the buildings around the park, a mixture of housing and offices, are sprouting up quite quickly. This is why I once more wish to show a bit of the ongoing activity around what’s named Parc Clichy-Batignolles – Martin-Luther-King. (See previous posts e.g. here and here.)

I guess that the pictures are self-explanatory,…

 … but maybe a few comments:

A special look at the future Palace of Justice, designed by Renzo Piano (also the architect of the Centre Pompidou, the Shard in London…), supposed to be in operation in 2017.

A wish not to cut "La Petite Ceinture", the railway, abandoned since the 1930's, that was created around Paris in the middle of the 19th century to interconnect the then newly created major railway stations (see previous posts) has led to newly created tracks and a need to interconnect the northern and the southern part of the park by a bridge for the pedestrians. (Will there ever be any traffic on these tracks?)

The only old buildings in the area which will remain are the warehouses of the Paris Opera for their scenic equipment, designed by Charles Garnier (see here), who of course made something more spectacular with the “Opera Garnier” (see here and here).

This newly created very populous area will clearly need – and get - some new local transport connections, metro line 14 being prolonged with stations in both extremes of the park (opening in 2019 – see here) and also the prolongation of the circular tram line (opening in 2018). 


rosienanjirowe said...

Such positive development
Love to you peter x

Anonymous said...

J'aimerais bien visiter votre ville.

joanna said...

It is very impressive how quickly change occurs! Nice capture of before, during, and what will be?

Enjoy your week end

Anonymous said...

La estetica del edificio de Renzo Piano, que se esta levantando en esa zona, promete ser muy placentero a la simple vista.
Gracias por ese enorme esfuerzo suyo de ponernos siempre al dia con su bella ciudad.