Eiffel Tower - colours

The Eiffel Tower is of course one of the symbols of Paris, one of its landmarks. When things “happen”, fortunate or (much) less fortunate, the night colours may change. The day of the Brussels killings, the colours became Belgian and I published the above photo on my Facebook site.

With the Paris events last year, the colours became blue, white and red. Well, the Tower never took the colours of other countries recently attacked, like Nigeria, Tunisia, Denmark, Egypt, Cameroon, Mali, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Pakistan... Finally, I think I would prefer to see the Tower without any specific colours, or possibly as when it was illuminated to celebrate the European Union.

I will be off and not be posting for a week or two. In the meantime I thought you could have a look at a little collection of my Eiffel Tower pictures.   


Jeanie said...

Peter, I love how you "see" things -- and to see this iconic structure through your eyes, through so many angles, times of day, seasons -- well, it's simply a treat! Thank you!

Anne said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

Studio at the Farm said...

Wonderful collection of Eiffel Tower photos, Peter! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

¡Que fotos maravillosas!
Mil gracias, M.Peter.

claude said...

Je pense que je la préfère quand elle ressemble au plus beau bijou doré de la capitale.