Swedish architecture

Back from a short trip to Sweden, I thought I should bring some pictures from there. I have already previously made a post about Gothenburg (Göteborg), my place of birth. This time I wished to concentrate on the city architecture, especially in a part of town, called Vasastaden (the Wasa city).

The majority of the buildings here date from 1870-1910 and it’s obvious that the architects have taken some ideas from the bigger cities on the European Continent and the fashion those days. This was clearly a time when a wealthy part of the population had the means to invest in a convenient housing… more or less at the same time as many “Olsons” were forced to leave the country for a westbound transatlantic trip. This was the city and port from where they left.


Shionge said...

Hey wonderful photo sharing Peter :) I was in Stockholm and this looks just as great too :)

Olivier said...

on en prend plein la vue quand on ouvre ta page today. je pense donc que ton voyage c'est bien passé, content de te revoir. Une superbe architecture, sur ta premiere serie il y a un tres beau "chateau".

alice said...

C'est un vrai plaisir de te retrouver! De Wasa, je ne connaissais que les tartines plates et rectangulaires mais il y a beaucoup plus intéressant!

hpy said...

Goteborg looks like a very beautiful city. I've been there only once - during my student days - for a trip which lasted maybe one day. No walking around, there was no time for it, and what more, it was icy and snowy and I lost the heel of one of my winter boots already at the beginning. I might have some old photos from the student party though.

Vagabondage said...

C'est un beau résumé d'un voyage qui éclabousse nos yeux..

des lumières sur les façades, du ciel bleu souvent, le nord serait-il moins au nord que le notre?

Pour dire que tant de gris a baigné nos jours depuis quelques temps....

Bonne journée et à bientôt.

Anonymous said...

Ah peter est de retour!! YOUPIE!! La première photo me plaît beaucoup par son angle. Autrement ben tu dois avoir mal à la nuque d'avoir tant photographié des façades en hauteur, et à force de regarder en haut, parfois on oublie de regarder où on met les pieds et souvent c'est la catastrophe... :-) Je ne me suis pas arrêtée à Göteborg, par contre j'avais visité Stockholm. Il y a de cela déjà quelques années. Je remarque aussi que les arbres commencent à mettre des petites feuilles d'un beau vert tendre. Le printemps est arrivé! Enfin!

Chuckeroon said...

Tks for showing "Old Europe" in Sweden. We're so used to seeing "Scandiwegian Coool" (and square) that we forget the old Baltic. Great shots. Much appreciated here, Peter.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Welcome back Peter, je vois qu'il a fait beau et que tu n'as pas laissé ton appareil photo à Paris !

Tu as bien fait, je suis absolument RAVIE de ces photos de Goteborg. Je t'ai dit que ma meilleure amie d'enfance, quand j'avais dix ans, avait une mère suédoise ? Tous les ans elle partait à Goteborg pour les vacances chez ses parents et le nom me fascinait...

Nathalie H.D. said...

Je voulais dire "chez ses grands-parents"

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Peter. And thank you for taking the time to visit. I appreciate that.

I read your post today with interest and enjoyed the photographs you posted as well. I can't imagine having the wealth to build homes like any of these. It must have been nice.

krystyna said...

Gothenburg must be your lovely place. There are probably still many things that you discovered but with a different perspecive.

Thanks for your kind visit. Your words are very inspirational. Whenever I could during my absence I'm going to visiting your magical
Best for you!

Jessica said...

Welcome back, Peter! Such beautiful architecture! Must have been a nice place to grow up.

Emilieee said...

welcome back, Peter! Hope you spent a sweet time with your family!(I supposed you went there for meeting up with old friends and family..I hope my guess was right..)Those buildings looked really lovely! I particularly love the picture of branches; with the silhouette of the Sweden buildings as the background; simply beautiful..(and of course, all of them are beautiful!)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Welcome back, Peter!
Love to know your place of birth!
I'm looking at your photos with great pleasure. What a beautiful and impressive architecture! Thanks for sharing this amazing collage!

Thanks for your visiting and nice comment about Ferdinand Cheval. Have a nice week ahead.

SusuPetal said...

Welcome back Peter!
I've been in the amusement park in Gothenburg and on the way there I saw Ullevi, the place for Finnkampen (never been there, though).
Your photos confirm me the image I managed to gather during the short visit in Gothenburg -lots of beautiful houses, cozy.

Maxime said...

Ils sont fascinants, ces balcons de la photo du haut. Ils évoquent une ville du sud (mais pas seulement du sud du cercle polaire arctique). Et pourtant, on les retrouve sur presque tous les immeubles que tu nous montres. Y aurait-il un micro-climat à Göteborg ?

Kunterbunt said...

I was in Göteborg once in my life, about 30 years ago (??). A wonderful little town with that little island and forteress on it (it's hard to remember, too long ago), but still nice memories.

lyliane six said...

Je pars demain. Merci pour tes voeux d'anniversaire maman est très contente.
Superbe ville j'adore ces immeubles cossus, ces balcons , ces sculpures, ça rappelle Paris sans ces horibles tags, il faut absolument que j'aille y fair un tour et voir d'où sont partis tes ancêtres.
Je viens à Paris le plus vite possible. bises.

Mélisse said...

Contente de te revoir Peter ;-)
Très belle architecture à Goteborg, j'adore les portails art-nouveau ! Décidément il faut que je me décide à aller faire un tour dans ton beau pays, il y a des vols low-cost au départ d'ici, ce serait dommage de s'en priver !

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

hello Peter,
YesGotenburg is as great as you show here!!! But as "peter's" style it looks even like 'art' I like this way of showing a city ( you know that) wonderfull architecture is in Sweden all over.... You are so lucky that's your birthcountry...

Thanks for your visit at my blog and I uploaded NOW more Switserland and 'me' in front as a small extra information. haha,

See you at my blog....
Have a good day/evening:)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Peter !! I read this post in the morning itself but could come only now.

Goteborg looks like a very beautiful city. Nice pictures of some nice architecture. Never been to that north.

Noushy Syah said...

Lovely Gothenburg...but I automatically associate Sweden with Abba!! hehehhe...the Swedish groups all time fava of my parents!:)

Your skill of taking building are remarkably now.Sharp with details.

Well done.

PeterParis said...

I must admit that Stockholm is a nice city (normally "Gothenburgers" don't)!

Moi aussi, je suis content - de te retrouver ici!

C'est réciproque! Wasa était une famille royale (aussi)!

PeterParis said...

You should look for these old photos!

C'est le sud du nord! A bientôt!

YOUPIE!! Je retrouve tes commentaires! Je sais pour les "catastrophes"..., mais le danger est moindre à Göteborg qu'à Paris! Bises!

PeterParis said...

Yes, I believe that those days, they rather copied from the continent, but sometimes quite successfully!

Merci de m'avoir "retrouvé"! Pour les vacances à Göteborg, il faut aller dans l'archipel! ... et espérer du beau temps!

Thank YOU! Some people were wealthy those days!

PeterParis said...

I really hope you will be back here now and then (as often as possible) and also be back with your own posts! All the best!

Nice to see you around! Yes, there are worse places on the globe!

Thanks for your visit here! You "guessed" right!

PeterParis said...

Bon voyage! ... et à bientôt!

Content de te "revoir"! Ma mère habite derrière ces portes art nouveau! Un voyage en Suède? Bien! ... et Paris, c'est pour quand la prochaine fois?

So, you know Sweden and Gothenburg? Well, your memories of Switzerland are of course more recent! I will be back on your blog!

PeterParis said...

Nice to see you around! The north of Europe has definitely its charm also (but I must admit that I prefer, after all, the south)!

You must be very exited now about Chelsea! If you would have been going to Moscow for the final, you could have made a drop on the way .... but, I know, it's too late to book now!

Noushy Syah said...

Peter, indeed! I would have gone if my brother will accompany me but he can't make it..anyhow,watching in telly would be exciting and cheaper too..although watching personally in the stadium would bring different excitement and aura..:)

p/s the ticket closed on March 19!! way back then..

Ming the Merciless said...

Wow, the architecture is indeed amazing and beautiful.

I have never been to Sweden or anywhere in Scandinavia. Maybe I should take a visit there soon.

SC said...

Fantastic pictures

My wife lived in Goteborg and Stockholm for 10+ years